Eliaquim Mangala - 2017/18 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by BlueisCity, 21 Jul 2017.

  1. BlueKolarovWorker


    2 Dec 2012
    Totally agree, I thought it was an excellent piece of management. If he's going to stay, he's got to play a part, just in case he's required.
  2. abu13


    2 Feb 2009
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    If someone had told me on the last day of last season that we would finish our next game against Liverpool winning 5-0 and with a defence missing Kompany but containing Mangala and Bravo I would have laughed out loud.

    Funny old game.
  3. oldius


    10 Sep 2008
    He's a good player. It's not easy to be in and out of any team, and his fee is not his responsibility. He is not as accomplished with his feet as some others but he has other attributes: strength, pace and aggression. With aggressive, attacking full backs, it is important to have some pace in the central defence. Otherwise, as Ota showed yesterday, there can be some vulnerability to very pacy wingers and teams who operate on the counter attack against a high press.
  4. Mike D

    Mike D

    15 May 2006
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    Agreed I would just love to see him prove the doubters wrong. In terms of a centre half he still a very young man and there is plenty of time for him still to fulfil his potential at our club.
  5. oakiecokie


    29 Jan 2010
    Its Guinness time any day of the week.
    I`m not his greatest fan,but he certainly didn`t do anything wrong when he came on.
  6. TexasCityzen


    1 Jul 2015
    Very nice pass to set up KDB for the 4th. Nicolas Wheels was difficult to watch against Salah, and if Mangala can duplicate that sort of passing on a regular basis, I'd much rather see him against the speedy wingers than Wheels.
  7. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
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    mangala ,mendy , sane on the left at the end of the Liverpool match ,that is a bit scary for the oppos imo, all big units and quick
  8. leighton


    22 May 2004
    There is a god Barry's gone!!!
    I think he done well still think he is under rated at the club. I would have him over Otamendi as I just feel at times Otamendi can be too rash and flys in and is caught out of position a lot. If he is going to break into the team more regularly he has to do it before January and I think he could well change Peps mind and thinking of him as a player.
  9. Easy


    11 Aug 2015
    Good post. Would like to see that on Wednesday. Stones and Mangala can work. Perfect opportunity for Stones to show some leadership as well. Mangala played against tougher opposition with Valencia last season, he can handle himself.
  10. fatbloke


    24 May 2004
    I'm completely with you in that regard, the lad really does give it 100% and you can't help but admire him when he sprints back from corner kicks like a man possessed. Like you say he might not be as elegant in possession as Stones or as accomplished defensively as Kompany but I'm very happy to see him back and playing for us. He got very harshly treated because of the price tag and the expectations that go along with that but while he's in a City shirt and trying his best we should really get behind the lad.

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