Eliaquim Mangala

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Clercqs, 20 Mar 2016.

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  1. bumbleblue


    16 Jan 2009
    South stand level 3.
    I would keep him rather than let him go for peanuts. Move kolorocket or maybe otamendi if the stories about offers for him at big money or reasonable money.
  2. vonkeynotvenky


    12 Mar 2017
    Otamendi is a player I wouldn't be happy selling he's improving game by game. Mangala I haven't been impressed with at all.
  3. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    I don't dislike Mangala and think he's a decent defender, but Peps entire philosophy is based around possession and playing from the back. You have to have every defender comfortable in possession in tight areas to do this and Mangala for all his other attributes is weak in this area and not suited to the way Pep plays football.
  4. CrownPointBlue


    5 Feb 2014
    Where did the player of his Chelsea debut go ??
  5. Rolee


    22 Jun 2012

    Still there mate. I recall Benteke being on a hot streak that same season I think, having just come back from injury, he was banging in the goals regardless of opposition, he then came up against the Mangler and didn't get a sniff.

    I think this type of man marking role is his biggest strength, it's when he's required to mark space that he struggles and seems all at sea.
  6. lasereyes


    5 Nov 2013
    Agree with this. And have a feeling if he had been the last man facing Costa last Dec, that day would have turned out a whole lot differently.
  7. Cotton Weave Blue

    Cotton Weave Blue

    15 Sep 2016
    Bang on.
  8. decmancity


    7 Nov 2010
    It is a shame that it looks like he is off, I am really disappointed he hasn't made it for us. Excellent in physical battles and especially when he can get up and close with a striker, his pace is fantastic when it is needed for recovery purposes as well. Rarely played in a settled back four, and was played on the left alongside one of our very average left backs and would be often left facing multiple players down his side. He lost all confidence after a few mistakes and his passing and composure went completely, look at this video for examples that he can play the game, .

    If we were sat here today, I think many would be calling to sign him up after watching that video and his performances at Porto.
  9. CityFan94


    4 Aug 2011
    Mangala would be an absolute monster at someone like West Brom, or Palace if Big Sam stayed.

    Still has all the physical attributes to be very good in the Premier League, just not a Pep player.
  10. MarsLlama


    23 May 2016
    This is an excellent point. No defender for the last five years has dealt with Ibrahimovic as easily as Mangala did.
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