Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by fbloke, 5 Dec 2014.

  1. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    The Etihad looks great and is up there with best of them in terms of architecture(might need a lick of paint and the concrete bases sorting out) but it wont look as symmetrical as it did until all the expansion work is done... is that really such a big deal that it doesn't quite look as perfect as it could? Going from Maine Road or any other traditional design of stadium to being totally fussy obsessing about having everything just right/totally symmetrical right here and now rather than accepting it will have to wait is as others have said akin to acting like a spoilt little brat. It's a sign how good fans have things when they are having to look as far and wide as this to find something to moan and obsess about. :)
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  2. CrownPointBlue


    5 Feb 2014
    It's just someone else's opinion........Christ,it's not war mate.
  3. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    Erm I think you are the one going over the top here, my post was a call for people to relax and stop fussing, your response doesn't really fit with what I said at all(quite amusing really... "it's not a war" haha) take a breather and read it properly perhaps.
  4. mikeskitz


    4 Oct 2007
    Does anybody have the exact amount Mcfc pay the council rent each year?
  5. Why Always Ste

    Why Always Ste

    15 Oct 2009
    Gym Rat
    111 South Stand
    It seems far more corporate areas are being built, have already been installed, and recently a host of fellow blues have been given short notice, and forced to move out of their seats, replaced by corporate yet again.

    The direction of the club financially is superb.
    But aren't we losing touch with this club we all love?
    It seems to me the business of City are moving towards a market of corporate fans and tourists who have far more disposable income at the matches In comparison with the long term blues who have been going since day dot.

    So do we let this happen, accept this club is no longer connected to us, or do you feel there is no problem whatsoever?

    I'm at the point that where I feel if we don't stand in unison sooner rather than later the club you recognise as City will be long gone, and will just be yet another entertainment product for the rich.

    We need to protest.

    With an organised walkout on a certain time during a match.

    And a Protest outside the entrances of where the corporates go to the match.

    Clearly highlight online why we walkout.

    Maybe even doing it at the same time for multiple games?

    Maybe the club will take note when we stand in unison????

    Right now it doesn't feel like we are #together

    It seems if you are alright then fuck every other Blue.

    I ask as I genuinely would look into putting the leg work into organising a protest.

    I don't feel the supporters club would be of any help as they are too far up the clubs ass.
  6. doots


    7 Oct 2008
    Under the influence.Aguero 94
    Many already partake in organised walk outs, usually on about the 75th minute.
  7. Blue Smarties

    Blue Smarties

    10 Aug 2008
    This is the best period of our clubs history and people want to protest, you don't know how good you've got it, would you rather go back to the dark days, etc.

    Sorry OP, thought I'd get all of the shite remarks you'll receive by some cockwomble within a few pages.

    As for me, I felt a disconnection from the club starting a couple of years ago. 23 years of age and sick of modern football. The future's bright...
  8. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    Absolutely not. The club do a lot right. This means we will have maybe 1000 corporate seats in 24,000 lower tier seats. It is not ideal people are moving mid season but some are over reacting. City tickets are decent value in many areas.

    Happy to be the cockwomble.
  9. Dogtanian


    21 Jul 2008
    No just on holiday
    Agree with what you say and good luck with the "I'm all right jacks" on here.
  10. MadchesterCity


    12 Sep 2009
    I'm OK with my seasoncard but do feel sympathy with those moving mid season. This shouldn't have happened!

    I'm not sure how you can voice your displeasure but a protest over this doesn't sit right with me
    Saying that I would fully back a protest against the standard of refereeing and the clear cheating within PIGMOL and the FA

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