Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by fbloke, 5 Dec 2014.

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  1. CrownPointBlue


    5 Feb 2014
  2. SilverFox2


    27 May 2014
    Now that ADUG are in charge of their own budgets and are presumably being judged by Sheikh M. by that yardstick I think that any infrastructure directly linked to City will perhaps take a back seat relative to team building.

    I know its a different item for judgement via say FFP but spend is spend when it comes to profit so unless our owner sees it as something he wants included I think ADUG may not see it as a priority.
  3. Gordyola


    8 Jul 2007

    Maybe missing something JRB but isn't this at the south side of the stadium?
  4. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Correct. Just checked. Thanks for pointing the obvious out to me. Doh, jrb! :-?
  5. Man_City_Loyal


    16 Feb 2017
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    All Over
    is that people physically going through the turnstiles or off tickets purchased.
  6. tolmie's hairdoo

    tolmie's hairdoo

    20 Feb 2008
    I'm just a Cook
    West Ham have an extra 25,000 fans this season and the atmosphere has fallen through the floor.

    It's not about the numbers.

    Football doesn't work like that. Contrived atmosphere's never work.

    Always a direct correlation between atmosphere and what is taking place on the pitch.

    Away support will always be better for every club, simply because the mentality is they are in the minority, and they need to prove a point.

    You can't solve it by reducing the prices to such an extent that you then make a product less desirable, either.

    I never bothered with the Cup game at home to Huddersfield despite being on the cup scheme. It was only £20 and it was on the box.

    Multiply that by 6 or 7 thousand if you start making tickets £20.

    The best thing they could do to change some of the narrative is simply to change some of the seats around the stadium to black, as it just fuels a wider apathy.
  7. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    the german league and clubs like huddersfield and bradford, show the complete opposite of that i.e. cheaper tickets- bigger crowds and better atmosphere. you can solve it by reducing pricing. west hams new ground is shit and isn't made for atmosphere. and the cup game we still got nearly 40,000 there. reducing prices would allow younger fans and priced out fans to come back. do you honestly think if we reduced season ticket prices or made match day tickets 25 quid wed have 6,000 empty seats for a league game ? i would bet the noise levels would be ten times better then now. even if we did have a load of empty seats at least it would mean everyone would be able to go to watch city again, which would be a good thing.
  8. mcfc1632


    2 Jan 2009
    That is spot on re atmosphere created by fans

    I have been to Upton Park many times and it rocked - that FA cup match this year at the Olympic stadium was shocking
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  9. Kinkys Left Foot

    Kinkys Left Foot

    2 Sep 2008
    However they calculate the numbers and I imagine its the same for every club.
  10. Prophet of Doom

    Prophet of Doom

    1 Mar 2007
    All this 'make the tickets cheap and bring back lapsed supporters to bring back an atmosphere'. Absolute fantasy. Those lapsed fans won't be coming back. Cheap tickets will just make for more empty seats for fans that buy tickets and cant be arsed turning up. And it doesn't need much encouragement to make our supporters not turn up ( or leave early ). I sit in a small block that gets the first 3 cup games free - yet it was 2/3's empty for the Huddersfield replay. A free ticket and they still couldn't be arsed turning up or passing their ticket onto friends.
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