Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Danamy, 12 Jun 2017.

  1. IWasHere


    4 May 2013
    FFS Navas
    We might as well make it a kop end imo
  2. Zubrman


    25 Aug 2008
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    OAP section
    Please accept my humble apologies. You are correct. This is something new and not very well communicated by the club as I have renewed membership for myself and my two lads over the last couple of months and there was nowt in the boxes to say that we were now on the waiting list.

    I did look and see it's on the OS now when you look at Matchday Membership's benefits.

    Very odd.
  3. bluestu1968


    30 Jun 2011
    I was about to post that I think Marvin is correct, when I saw your latest post.
    I was contacted by the Club in the Summer, as they needed to return my £100 deposit for the waiting list.
    When I asked why; I was informed that as I had a Membership I was automatically on the Waiting list.
  4. levets


    13 Sep 2005
    Here, There & Everywhere
    Working capacity for ‘football’ is 54,780 after segregation. Actual number of seats is 55,097
  5. philiph20


    18 Jun 2006
    Didn't they announce the South Stand extension around November with work starting in the early months of the following year,? maybe they announce something soon if not i think they are missing a trick.
  6. ManCityX


    26 May 2008
    Sir Howard Bernstein has taken a development-focused advisory role at the parent company of Manchester City Football Club, Property Weekcan reveal.

    The former Manchester City Council chief executive has joined City Football Group as a strategic development advisor, with a mandate to support the next phase of community, commercial and development initiatives in and around the Etihad Campus.

    As part of his advisory role, Sir Howard will be a member of the board of Eastlands Strategic Development Company, the joint venture between Manchester City Council and CFG parent company, the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG).

    Commenting on the appointment, Marty Edelman, City Football Group board member, said: “We are deeply honoured that Sir Howard has accepted this role as we progress ambitious plans to advance the Campus and surrounding areas. Sir Howard’s retirement from Manchester City Council earlier this year meant that we could have potentially lost his invaluable two decades of experience in rejuvenating East Manchester. We are delighted that he will take an active role in the continued revitalisation of the area through the further evolution of the Etihad Campus.”

    While at Manchester City Council, Sir Howard was a driving force for Sports City and the 2002 Commonwealth Games which then became the Etihad Campus following the Abu Dhabi United Group’s acquisition of Manchester City Football Club in 2008.

    The subsequent partnership between the council and ADUG led to more than £400m of investment, resulting in the 80-acre City Football Academy and an expanded stadium.
  7. somapop


    8 Mar 2010
    Read this earlier. Suggests something may be 'warming up' pitchside.
  8. Kompany is King

    Kompany is King

    4 May 2012
    A positive sign with Sir Howard Bernstein taking an advisory role. Vast experience & knows how to get things done
  9. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Thr important bit.

    Marty Edelman, City Football Group board member, said: "We are deeply honoured that Sir Howard has accepted this role as we progress ambitious plans to advance the campus and surrounding areas.
  10. blueparrot


    7 Jun 2012

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