Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

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  1. JGL07


    18 Jan 2011
    I got 10% discount on a return trip from KL in Malaysia to Manchester in January but couldn't get it on the outward flight. It didn't appear to apply to the cheapest flight.

    Last year we got the discount both there and back to Singapore from Manchester.
  2. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    I sincerely hope it's not an anti-climax.

    It's been a long wait.

    MIPIM, Twitter.

    The wording is very specific

  3. Let's hope so, mate. I look at the wording and the fact that they're dragging Marty over to Cannes from NYC and think there must be something to be said beyond the kind of stuff that's appeared in Council documents in the past, along the lines of: "We hope one day to have entertainment facilities on site to create a destination of international significance."

    On the other hand, having got all excited many years ago when I had a couple of well-placed acquaintances tell me that the plans would blow us away and were close to being announced, I'm kind of reluctant to get my hopes up. Anyway, not long now to wait until today's session.
  4. Churchlawtonblue


    3 Dec 2013
    Just employing people to pick up the rubbish between the stadium and city centre and putting a couple of extra trams on after a game would be a start.
  5. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Yes, trying to keep my expectations down as well.

    But just like the CFA, this has been bubbling away in the background for years. And just like the CFA, nothing has come out until a public announcement or presentation will/has been made. All very hush, hush.

    Another little snippet.

    Richard Leese.

    He also said that the council is earmarking the north and east of Manchester for "ambitious" large-scale developments and that the city needs to think more like London and New York to continue to grow.
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  6. Interesting quotes. He's certainly talking big. As AJD1984 suggests on SSC, one would assume that the bolded text refers to the Northern Gateway and Etihad Campus. The presentation on the former this morning is scheduled to last for 15 minutes and deals with the 'Vision', so presumably the tome will be more aspirational. But Richard and Marty are slated to speak for 45 minutes, so let's hope they go into detail.
  7. Manchester1894


    14 Aug 2007
    What could have been eh?

  8. Look at what you could have won, as Jim Bowen used to say.

    There's this one, as well, from a masterplan drawn up by the architects Sheppard Robson in about 2005:


    A casino and a hotel on the collar site, enhanced athletics and tennis facilities, and a Test-standard cricket ground intended as a new home for Lancashire on the North Car Parks (at the time, it wasn't clear whether LCCC would be able to finance the redevelopment of the real Old Trafford).
  9. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    I wish they fucking hadn't, it's a bigger shithole than the pretend one.
  10. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    A proper tennis venue would have been interesting. Something good enough to get an ATP 1000 tournament. Having said that I don't know how big the interest to watch tennis is outside of London.

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