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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by MCFC1993, 3 Jul 2017.

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    Doubt it, after vitriol they give us for spending money they must be mortified at spending this much

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    Come on, you know scousers don't do irony.
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    15 Jul 2008
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    I think those are UEFA's revised FFP rules. As far as I know, the Premier League's FFP rules haven't changed much if at all but in any case they were weak as fuck anyway with allowable losses over rolling 3-year periods far greater than those permitted under UEFA's regs. This maximum wage increase part of the Premier League's FFP regs is something that can easily be addressed if clubs sign bigger commercial deals. Which brings me nicely back to Everton - at the turn of the year, they signed a naming rights deal for their Finch Farm training complex which largely slipped under the radar of most of us. The deal is with a company called USM Holdings which was founded by Alisher Usmanov who by sheer coincidence happens to be a close mate of Farhad Moshiri:


    Now I'm not suggesting Everton are doing anything wrong here - after all, given our past approach to these kinds of deals, it would be very hypocritical of me to take such a view (in fact, although they're far from my favourite club and some of their fans got all uppity following our takeover, I say fair play to them) but the uproar in the media and elsewhere that ensued after City signed the Etihad deal seems to be conspicuous by it's absence on this occasion. To his credit, I remember seeing Andy Dunn write an article about it, calling it the "deal of the century" but that was about it.

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