Fabian Delph 2016/17 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Cityfan, 26 May 2016.

  1. bluealf


    4 Nov 2007
    You could type names for an hour straight into this forum before you got to the three names you mentioned, Navas is a decent enough player that doesn't deserve to be bracketed into any worst ever City player category.

    Savic was destroyed by the boo boys and left City and has hardly disgraced himself as a centre half, Bony was a bad buy a bad fit for a team playing the way we do.

    Lee Peacock is my ultimate bad buy, shudders at the thought.

    Take a read below to refresh your memory of some truly horrendous players, no doubt somebody will have said Navas in there but it really isn't true.

  2. shevtheblue


    22 Dec 2005
    Stockport (of course)
    Anyone that thinks Navas is anywhere near one of our worst ever players is out of their fuckin' mind. He's not been a blinding success, but he's not been a complete disaster either.

    Anyway, Delph is decent but he's not up to the standard Pep demands. During the 09-10 season for Barca, Pep had a similar squad player in Seydou Keita, he's left footed and has a lot of energy, but he'ss much better technically and even got forward and bagged goals for the team. I'm sure he will be looking for a similar type of player.
  3. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    You start supporting us last year did you?

    Most of us have seen whole squads where Delph would be the star player.
  4. bhayes


    14 Apr 2015
    forgot about savic lol. your right though perhaps he could do better at fullback,
  5. bhayes


    14 Apr 2015
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  6. Pep's Army

    Pep's Army

    14 Mar 2017
    Surely should go in the summer?

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