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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Mayor West, 21 Apr 2015.

  1. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    FCUM go bust then manchester city council sell it to oldham fc hahahahaha they was thinking of moving to a site at the bottom of broadway and oldham road

    the amount of money already been pumped into FCUM is a joke and for a fan base club how many other clubs would get the council backing like them clowns it will be a carboot market in 2 years time hahahahahhahaha
  2. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    25 Nov 2010
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    A car boot market, as advertised on the signs they kindly left behind bwah ha ha ha
  3. Hmmmm wouldn't mind it being a car boot market seeing I live just over the road , might start getting a few things ready just in case :)
  4. Chipmeister


    27 Jan 2010
    The more likely scenario would be the council take it over and let fcum use it for free, well small fees. Council left with the costs and burden of maintenance but at least they save the club.
  5. Tbilisi


    5 Jul 2009
    Getting bricked at Leeds after Donachie scored
    Thats what I think,too many pensions at risk to do otherwise with a shit fest that would follow them going under.
  6. Tanzeylee


    25 Feb 2014
    Haven't these ****s folded yet 'sigh'
  7. manchester blue

    manchester blue

    7 May 2008
    They most likely think it's a builder's merchants!
  8. FyldeCoastBlue


    28 Dec 2016
    I saw these jokers get mullered by AFC Fylde the other week.
    Stupid team with their kit which looks like a knock off rag kit from Bury Market.

    Horrible fans too
  9. Blue Mist

    Blue Mist

    14 Aug 2005
    Re the above post ^^ The important bit is ..... 'that the FA have written to us for a club response for the 4th time this season following the recent pitch invasion at Gainsborough'

    Would anyone else get treated so leniently. 4 times this season ! it is only half way through the bloody season, are they going for some form of record ? The should admit they have scum fans who have been banned by their parent club (ooops sorry the other lot that they pretend to despise) and they are still living in the 70's and the authorities should clamp down on them with financial penalties.

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