Fernandinho - 2017/18 Performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Delphacito, 26 Aug 2017.

  1. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    Fantastic last night.
  2. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    That was Debryune-esque
  3. Citizen in Pakistan

    Citizen in Pakistan

    11 Aug 2012
    We are indeed blessed with an amazing squad where we literally have replacements for everyone but dino seems like the only irreplaceable player we have in the squad at this moment. One of the most underated players of his time. I know our attacking players get all the plaudits but dino contribution week in week out allows them to do the magic they do. Beast
  4. Rolee


    22 Jun 2012
    They swapped roles momentarily, DeBruyne did well to nick the ball on the edge of our box and then Fern thought if you're taking my job then I'll do yours.
  5. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    Fantastic performance last night.

    I have just been reading an old thread. The negative comments about this man were incredible. He is the one team member without a comparable replacement at the moment.
  6. Gaylord du Bois

    Gaylord du Bois

    16 Aug 2010
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    Great Umbrage.
    He's the glue, simple as. Often gets shaded by others performances but never ever is he anything other than first class.
  7. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    I was just watching the Napoli highlights and thinking he deserved a little bit more credit for the part he played in Aguero's goal, it was a good tackle, a tidy dribble and a perfectly timed Silva-esque pass that sent Sané on his way. I thought similar in the goal away to Chelsea too almost no credit but it all started with him.

    There's the things that are missed like his covering, tackling and ball retention from the back but he's contributing massively in attack too in more games than we give him credit for.
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  8. Divino da Guia

    Divino da Guia

    12 Apr 2017
    But Jorginho was not called to the nt.
    In Brazil 4-1-4-1 Fernandinho is bench and Casemiro starter.
    Tbf the game that Fernandinho started instead of Casemiro against Argentina, Brazil won 3-0 and was the best performance of the nt in years.
  9. mccity


    13 Jun 2010
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    As I was told in another thread, Tite doesn't tend to mix things up with his teams and goes for players he knows best. Given how they're playing it'd be brave for him to change things up now. It's for the same reason Ederson is unlikely to make the first team.
  10. Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    6 May 2009
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    Ederson will be the number 1 going into the World Cup!!

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