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  1. Rolee


    22 Jun 2012
    Apparently if you put a straw in his mouth and blow really hard, he will explode.
  2. Trevor Morley's Tache

    Trevor Morley's Tache

    23 Nov 2016
    Doing stuff
    Garth Brooks could do a better job.
  3. Graceyboy


    17 Jun 2004
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    His inclusion of Loris for GK of the week is the funniest. Did he see his efforts against Candlepool
  4. Thaksinssoldier


    28 Jun 2009
    I don't get why anyone gives this(or any pundit) any credibility whatsoever.
  5. kippaxblue76


    18 Jan 2009
    Outside the FA awaiting justice
    Crooks take on Sergio. Totally agree with last bit.

    Forward - Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

    Sergio Aguero (177) became Manchester City's joint-highest goalscorer of all time alongside Eric Brook
    When Bernardo Silva went down under the challenge of Nick Pope during the first half of Saturday's game between Manchester City and Burnley, there was plenty of debate about was it a penalty or not.

    I was in the Final Score studio and saw the reply half a dozen times and still wasn't absolutely sure whether referee Roger East got his decision right. Well, having seen it a number of times since, it was a penalty and East deserves a medal for getting a decision right that many would get wrong.

    How appropriate then that Sergio Ageuro should be given the stage to underline East's excellent decision by scoring the penalty that equalled Eric Brook's all-time goalscoring record for City.
    The most remarkable feature of this outstanding achievement by the Argentine is that Leicester's Jamie Vardy has won the converted Footballer of the Year award and his team-mate Rihad Mahrez the PFA Players' Player award, while Aguero has won neither. How can that be? He is one of the few world-class strikers in the Premier League and has an unparalleled goalscoring record, yet finds himself unrecognised by football's elite.

    It would be quite shameful if we allowed this man to leave these shores without paying him the honour his services deserve. He has been the best striker in the league for years.
  6. bluealf


    4 Nov 2007
    Ah well my estimation of the guy has gone up a notch, fair play to him, he is correct and there is no excuse that fellow footballers haven't recognised his talent, the jealous petty ****s.
  7. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
  8. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
  9. inchy14


    8 Jul 2009
    stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
    Fuck me the fool doesn't think Deeney should receive retrospective action for the incident with Allen, if he thinks grabbing a player by the face is acceptable then he shouldn't comment on a game again, more bizarre is the fact the ref actually thought it was ok!!
  10. Eccles Blue

    Eccles Blue

    27 Aug 2009
    Waiting for Dunnie & Zaba!!
    Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
    Garth Crooks team of the week!!!

    Vincent Kompany:

    Kompany completed 95% of his passes against Leicester and made a team-high five clearances.

    What is the game coming to when a manager, or a team for that matter, begin to rely on a sending-off to ensure a victory?
    That seemed to be the situation, as far as Leicester and their manager Claude Puel were concerned, when Vincent Kompany clearly brought down Jamie Vardy during the game's opening exchanges. The tackle itself was not the issue, but whether the City captain was the last man or not.

    Some are in no doubt that Kompany should have been dismissed, but I take a different view. John Stones, the nearest City defender to Vardy, was close enough and quick enough to make a difference and referee Graham Scott thought so too. Would the game have been affected by Kompany's departure? Of course it would, but the whole point of a sending-off is that it is used to administer justice.

    It is also the opinion of the referee that counts - not the managers' or players' - and certainly not the opinion of the pundits. There are moments, I must admit, when a referee is the only person in the ground who knows why a player has been sent off and that is equally nauseating.

    We should all be in no doubt why justice has been served. Nevertheless, Kompany survived the incident and the match.

    Kompany is a wonderful professional. However, the Belgium international will know he must prove he can play a full and uninterrupted season in the hurly burly of the Premier League before manager Pep Guardiola can trust him to lead this marvellous City side into the future.

    Kevin De Bruyne:

    If I had to announce my player of the season now instead of in May, it would go to Kevin de Bruyne in a heartbeat. I do not think a single soul would disagree.

    Martin Keown expressed it perfectly when he said on Final Score that De Bruyne is "a wonderful artist painting beautiful strokes for others to reap the benefits and enjoy". That summed it up for me. What we are seeing from Manchester City, and De Bruyne in particular, is art.

    Pele, the greatest player that ever lived, described football as the "beautiful game". British football has always been about passion and commitment, but what we are witnessing with City is what can be only described as extraordinary beauty.

    Against Leicester, apart from a brief moment or two, City were always in control. Could we ever have a team of Englishmen playing for the national team in this fashion with such complete belief in themselves?

    Is there a De Bruyne in any of our young England teams that won the Under-20 and Under-17 World Cups recently? If there is, we need a system that allows these delicate flowers to blossom.

    De Bruyne took some time to mature into the player he is today. What he has at his disposal is a manager who can make him the best player in the world.

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