Gary Neville - lest we forget..

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Dodge, 15 Feb 2017.

  1. Dodge


    16 Jun 2008
    Leicester (ex pat Alty)
    ..and they want to knock down The Abercromby in the process.

    Jacksons Row Developments & Red Partnerships (hmmm) selling themselves as visionaries of modern Manchester - fuck right off
  2. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    You are a class act mate.
  3. Lovebitesandeveryfing


    28 Oct 2013
    grammar policeman
    Trumann's For Steel
    Actually, several of these (in bold) do not deserve the honorific title of ‘pundit’, they are certified morons (the only good thing Merson ever said was by accident – he was visited by the Holy Ghost or something – and that's my username). Neville is articulate, and has a decent footballing brain. I don't have to like him, to find him worth listening to.
  4. hertsblue


    20 Feb 2008
    See he is moaning on twitter saying he should have gone on strike with England after Bournemouth now charged with same offence as us.
    Slight difference though, ours was an admin error, what he refers to was a quite blatant avoidance

    Clubs breach anti-doping and nothing!Player gets 8 months and misses a European championships! Should have followed through with the strike
  5. 01282


    9 Sep 2010
    He's a **** of the highest order just like the ginger prick Scholes. I can't believe City fans on here have time for him as he never misses an opportunity to get a sly dig in. I remember after we lost to United 4-2 in 2015 and it was all this weeds in the garden shit and I think he'd assumed there was a power shift in Manchester after that. Bitter fucking red. He failed miserably as a manager sp not quite sure who he can sit there pontificating about other managers.
  6. Maine Rd

    Maine Rd

    8 Jan 2009
    If you're a blue and don't hate Gary Neville with a passion there's something wrong, he's a red who hates city, not got a problem with that, I've got a problem with him being a co commentator on city games though. Could you imagine commentating on a Utd game and being complimentary about them? He can't be impartial so shouldn't be doing it. Our recent Arsenal game was a classic in point. Silva's pass for first goal did not get one mention, neither did the quality of sterlungs goal. He was upset and took it out on Arsenal.
  7. Is he on about Ferdinand here. If so, what a ****, complete different circumstances.
  8. Bluewonder


    24 Jun 2013
    The guy is an utter fucking dickhead
  9. The slaughtered lamb

    The slaughtered lamb

    6 May 2014
    Spot on. Can't believe blues don't remember his shite after that game. A modern day football politician of the highest order. Couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery, as he proved at Valencia.
  10. 1.618034


    14 Sep 2008
    I exist on the best terms I can.
    A Pale Blue Dot
    He's a red **** and can fuck off. Just because he's occasionally reasonable on MNF does not change this.

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