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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Damocles, 21 Jun 2017.

  1. chabal


    10 Apr 2011
    You'll make a lovely couple.

    Pass on my regards to him.
  2. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    I take it he's never coming back on here? No idea why he left in the first place, but he seemed a decent human being to me.

  3. I will. He's apparently not getting any COK :-)

  4. Don't know mate. I will ask him tomoz
  5. i kne albert davy

    i kne albert davy

    29 Aug 2010
    Though me and him only occasionally agreed on here, he is a thoroughly decent chap last bumped into him in a bar in Monchengladbach . Couldn't talk him into making a BM come back alas.
  6. Vic


    11 Jan 2009
    Koffee Pot cafe here I come!

    Now - arms industry: capital intensive so not that many jobs for the money poured into it.

    And anyone else remember the Lucas Aerospace plan that the unions came up with in the 70s to diversify their own jobs to make useful stuff rather than armaments?

    And wow its over 50 years since Eisenhower's warning about the military-Industrial complex
  7. Ancient Citizen

    Ancient Citizen

    26 Jul 2009
    He knew quite a bit, but was originally not an abolitionist. He was not in favour of social and political equality for
    black people, and he opposed them having the right to vote, intermarry, or serve on juries. As the war progressed in the
    Unions favour, his views changed, but Lincoln was never a lifelong supporter of emancipation, like many believe.
    Wilberforce as an example, yes, Lincoln, only with considered judgement.
  8. Ancient Citizen

    Ancient Citizen

    26 Jul 2009
    It depresses me too, but once we've done what you want, nobody is going to pick up the baton of freedom from
    war and weaponry, but plenty will eagerly step into the breach we leave. Do you think we should have no armed forces,
    as that will obviously send out a message of peace and love to the world that everyone in it, including all the murderous
    and unstable dictatorships and theocratic hellholes, will see what we've done and emulate it?
    Taking a lead, making a stand, and other worthy ideals is all well and good when the prospect of real world change
    is a possibility, but to ignore human avarice, and the fact that humans have been in conflict since humanity existed
    in the forlorn hope of stopping 'War' is unfortunately, pointless.
  9. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    You mean like the type of person who changes a long term habit because of a fucking picture?
  10. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    A picture of an evil man who will destroy this country. Plus the eggs have gone downhill since it moved.

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