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  1. Mike D

    Mike D

    15 May 2006
    I would be surprised if he could still find the screen or anything for that matter
  2. inbetween


    28 Jan 2010
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    We currently have a right leaning Tory party. We had before it a centrist Tory party, before that we had a coalition of centre and right. At all times there have been difficulties winning power but the results have been mostly comfortable.

    There is a theme developing here and that is for the vast majority, people will not choose a left leaning party before they choose say a centrist or a right leaning Tory/Labour. Cameron even proved this before by making the Lib Dems completely irrelevant by wiping them out. Even the centrist-left Miliband was wiped out.

    And again, if people wanted a hard left, socialist government, they would of voted them in at the last election. They didn't.

    Blairs legacy will be forever tarnished by a war he shouldn't of taken us into and a recession he could of at least seen coming. The truth is though if he had been the option instead of Corbyn, Labour would be in power now.
  3. The perfect fumble

    The perfect fumble

    3 Jun 2012
    Meanwhile, the true meaning of Toryism....

    Thousands of people are struggling to make ends meet in the UK every day, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has said.

    An additional 700,000 UK children and pensioners have fallen into relative poverty - households with less than 60% the median income - over the past four years.

    The charity said it was the first time in 20 years that poverty in these groups had seen sustained rises....
  4. blue cigar

    blue cigar

    17 Jul 2005
    Yeh but that doesnt matter in the eyes of a typical tory...lets not talk about poverty, who cares.
    How about the dup? The minority nutcases that now call the tune, that now dictate to may and hold the govt to ransom...and the weak pathetic woman allows it.
    Shameless people.
  5. bluethrunthru


    19 May 2012
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    Post I saw earlier on a school parents site - another policy based on ideology not fact -

    Another Free school in Manchester will close, MCS, having wasted millions of public money, it's sister school in Oldham had to close last year. Has anyone, e.g. The teaching unions got a running total of how much money has been spent on these academy and free schools that open and close, and the ones still open that waste millions on salaries and fees to private companies linked with the schools owner? Some have gone to jail,for such fraud. It must be hundreds of millions by now, money that could be spent on comprehensives and other state schools, hospitals etc.
    It is a national scandal but one that doesn't get much publicity, maybe as it is drip, drip rather than all at once.
  6. Vic


    11 Jan 2009
    A lot of "selection" going on as well at some to weed out the less academic and children with special needs. It is a scandal and the Tories just think it's like a supermarket so it doesn't matter if one fails, but supermarkets don't have millions of public money as start up costs and don't leave children without a school to go to.

    And try and find out how much the schools get from the government and how much they pay the senior staff. Not even Freedom of Information will get you that.

    Then you get local authorities charged with school improvement in their area but with no power to intervene in academies..

    Then I checked Beccles where a new free school opened even when the one high school in the town had spare places and:

    "Almost 300 Ipswich parents missed out on their preferred secondary school this year while more than half of the total places at Beccles, Ixworth and Saxmundham free schools were not filled."

    Then you get the pollution and traffic congestion from parents driving their kids to a school miles away because they think it's better.
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  7. Ricster


    10 Nov 2008
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  8. Ifwecouldjust.......


    26 Jan 2010
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    They won' they ignored the Rowntree Foundation figures produced yesterday that 8 Million children and adults in working families are officially classed as being in poverty

    which to put into context is just slightly less than the combined populations of Scotland and Wales.

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