Georgi Kinkladze (Playing for City Legends at Ashton 12/05)

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  1. Englisc


    13 Aug 2012
    South Stand usually
    Just searching through the net and i thought i would see what our favourite little Georgian is up to.
    Didn't find much but this article popped up and i thought i would share.
    If anything it may get the younger/new generation of fans to take a look on youtube and see why we all fell in love with the little dynamo that was kinky.
    With that being said i give you.....................

    Unfit, awkward and inconsistent: the unbridled genius of Georgi Kinkladze

    Long before Agüero, Silva and Touré called the Etihad Stadium home, there was Maine Road. Far from the glory of Premier League titles and Middle Eastern riches, it was a beautiful old ground with gently sloping stands, the odd pillar to obstruct your view, and peeling paint. Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t beautiful at the time, but as football stadiums become more refined and house as many hotels as they do food stands, the gentleman in me yearns for the delights of yesteryear. Maine Road was one of them.

    The stadium ignited joy in so many fans – excitement at what was to come – largely because watching Manchester City was one of the most eventful experiences in English football. You rarely knew what to expect. And that’s no slight; it made City the team I’d always look forward to watching live or on Match of the Day. I may have been Liverpool red to the core, and perhaps the fact that they too hated Manchester United helped, but Manchester City engaged me like no other rival could.

    There was also the small matter of the most brilliant, completely random Georgian I have ever seen. Long before Agüero, Silva and Touré called the Etihad Stadium home, there was Georgi Kinkladze.
  2. pete1970


    6 Mar 2011
    A total pleasure to watch kinky
    Never seen anyone send so many opposition players the wrong way or on their backsides
    A total genius
    His goal v Saints at the Platt Lane wow!!
  3. 80s Shorts

    80s Shorts

    13 Oct 2009
    Ah, Maine Rd. You could stand in dog shit navigating the alleyways towards the stadium, safe in the knowledge you could wash it off in the pools of piss in the gents.

    Loved Kinky.
  4. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    Loved him.
  5. r.soleofsalford


    28 Jan 2009
    rag central the blue part.
    he was a genius
  6. meeesh


    15 Jan 2009
    All over the place
    Still fitter than Nasri today !!
  7. Bellamy's Caddy

    Bellamy's Caddy

    26 Jan 2009
    Funnily enough I stumbled across that article tonight myself Englisc, great read.

    I loved watching Kinkladze play, the way he used to glide past players on those mazey runs were a joy to watch. Such a shame he didn't achieve more in the game. It's amazing he stayed with us when we were relegated, I'm not sure that would happen now with a player of that talent. Legend.
  8. warringtonblue


    7 Nov 2010
    that much of a genius he never played top flight football in a decent team. wouldn't get near the present team
  9. When you see some of the dross that play for us I'm sure he would have got some game time.
  10. HellYeah


    19 May 2012
    Glass Blowers Assistant
    Here and there
    You're a right cheery fellow aren't you.

    Anyway, loved watching him one of the best

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