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  1. cptaidan88


    8 Dec 2008
    Does anyone else consider themselves a "Groundhopper"?

    Its basically someone who is a collector of sorts, but instead of stamps or whatever, its watching football in different stadia.

    I've done every Premier League ground and 75 out of the current 92. I've done every Bundesliga ground and half of Bundesliga 2 and La Liga. I've done about as many in Europe as I've done in England as I use it as an excuse to travel, and it can be cheaper to go abroad than to go to Exeter! I know Germans and Belgians who have done all 92 which is mad.

    How many have you done?

    I use the website Football Ground Map to track the grounds I've been to. As of right now I'm on 178 which puts me at about 40th in the list of City fans registered on there. No doubt some of you are on here.

    I'm off to South America next week and part of that is to go to Boca Juniors which is a Bucket List event. Really looking forward to it.
  2. Mozzer


    9 Dec 2012
    44 for me which is .58 above the average according to your link.
  3. aguero93:20


    21 Oct 2013
    Worshipping the great bald one
    The Guardiola Circle Jerk
    Yeah, well... You haven't been to every League of Ireland ground so there.
  4. W12


    20 Mar 2012
    I too like to visit other grounds but not to the extent you do. 64 for me, 69.5%.
    Today I shall be going to Athletico Madrid v Celia Vigo.
    Following England, Stuttgart, Paris, San Marino, Glasgow, Vilnius, Marseille, St Etienne, Lens, Lille, Kaiserslautern, Gelsenkichen(Shalke)
    Kalingrad, Volgograd & Nizhny Novgorod in Russia in June to start with, hopefully a few more as well.
    Ajax in a couple of weeks for the Holland game.
  5. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    Ive been to a few abroad but what you do is a great hobby and a fantastic way of visiting new places
  6. I've been in Ireland for a year now and the bright lights of Eamonn Deacy Park have pulled me in a few times.
  7. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    doorman of perception
    wonderland ave
    maine road and the Etihad, oh and the city of Manchester stadium that's 3
  8. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith

    29 Sep 2014
    97 - bit sad for a 21 year old... Hoping to go to more European grounds over the next few years
  9. Alex-MCFC


    8 Aug 2011
    Ingolstadt in spirit - Manchester my abode
    Loads of Non League in the Manchester area - great way to up your total.
  10. Scaring Europe to Death

    Scaring Europe to Death

    30 Oct 2014
    How does it work with old stadiums?

    I’ve watched City at every current Premier League location, plus the Dell, Leeds Road, Withdean, Goldstone, Highbury, Victoria Ground etc (in fact every possible location apart from the Vetch)

    Off the top of my head, I’ve also seen us at Ayresome Park, Roker Park, Baseball Ground, Burnden Park, Plough Lane, Fellows Park,

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