Hirving Lozano

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by BlueDejong, 9 Jun 2017.

  1. rollingnakedinmoney


    6 Jan 2016
    We aren't, but maybe CFG are according to Mexican journalists and Univision, not for the player to play at MCFC but to be loaned out and then sold for profit.
  2. abellwillring


    18 Jun 2013
    Austin, TX
    "CFG" can't sign him in and of itself. It would be Man City who sign him on behalf of CFG if you will, but the money would come from City. I suppose the new Uruguayan team could do it perhaps, but if Blackburn says City haven't signed him and expect him to sign elsewhere, then it definitely isn't happening.

    Beyond that, there's not enough money to be made on an initial outlay of €20m anyway. You buy a player for €5m maybe and then hope to turn him into €20m. He certainly couldn't increase his value significantly without playing for City -- there's only been 8 players who have left the Dutch league for more than €20m as is.
  3. Tricky_Trev


    17 Jan 2009
    Name the loanees that became part of our team then. I can't think of anyone since Joe Hart. It's a clear strategy. Buy young, loan them to gain exposure, sell for a profit. Chelsea pioneered it in this country, we're trying to get our share of that market! It's not stupid to have observed this. We'll see a lot more of it as it's clearly working. Unal gone for was it £10m profit? Mooy will hopefully go for 8 figures once a fee is agreed too. Buy enough of these guys before they have their breakout season and they will pay for a Sanchez/Silva themselves.
  4. minnesota blue

    minnesota blue

    13 Nov 2008
    I fully understand the concept. What I'm saying is that a Moreno, Zinchenko, or whoever could turn into a potential worldie and then the sell for profit plan doesn't come to fruition. It's a lesser chance, but you are trying to call out a players future before we have even signed him!

    Remember Vickery said Moreno was the better talent than Jesus. My point is the sell for profit option will be there, but it is not a 100% certainty.
  5. Sensanetional


    23 Jan 2017
    That doesn't really contradict my point, how do you know that all the players we buy for less than £10m, for example will never play for our first team? It is likely that will happen with most of them yes but they're bought with the first team in mind but are expected to develop on loan into first team players, if that doesn't happen they're sold for profit.

    Can't just make all the scouted players equal and say the same outcome will happen for all of them without even have watched them.
  6. 01cravend


    13 Aug 2009
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    Buy him for £20mil and loan him out to a league where the most anyone has paid for a player from said league is £25mil.


    24 Jun 2013
  8. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Confirmed: Pachuca sporting director Marco Garcés says there is NO agreement to sell Hirving Lozano to City, but admits PSV are interested.

    Garcés “It’s an unfortunate situation where ‘Piojo’ [Miguel Herrera] passed information that wasn’t real.”
  9. better dead than red

    better dead than red

    18 Aug 2012
    The Commonwealth
    Translates to louse in English. What a horrible nickname.
  10. ShovingNE2


    9 Jun 2017
    As a PSV-fan who is following Lozano for a few years, allow me to give you some background what happened last month before this thread started. It was the chairman of Pachuca who dropped the name of City at the end of april of this year. On television (ESPN) he was quoted: "There are several teams interested. They continue to insist a lot in Holland on a combination with Manchester City , in a joint question.”

    Source: https://www.futboltotal.com.mx/2017/04/pachuca-confiesa-chucky-lozano-buscado-manchester-city/

    The amount of €20m+ is not correct, this was a number Pachuca released last winter, but was never taken seriously. Lozano is estimated around €12m at this stage, also earlier this month when Celta Vigo was linked to Lozano. The problem could be: Pachuca wants to keep 20% of the transfer rights. PSV will never ever start negotiating for a player around €20m. The deal PSV would like to make with City or another club (Bayern München was also mentioned by our director) has been discussed quite a few times. In this deal they would target players for around €10m our Technical Manager Marcel Brands said.

    So City was first named by Pachuca in a deal with a Dutch club. And PSV is still negotiating with Pachuca. Probably City gave PSV a budget to do the negotiations and they will step in when they agreed on the transfer.

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