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  1. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    Fair enough, thanks for sharing.

    How close do you think you were to actually sleeping outside?

    Not a smarmy comment at all, I’m genuinely intrigued how it can happen to someone like you.
  2. Rascal


    10 Jan 2005
    I have read this thread and wasnt going to comment but i will. What happened to that decent young man called Banjani. Pleasant company. bright eyed and open to ideas. Your mind has become quickly closed and you seek blame rather than understand causation. Point being you have changed young man. Think about that and you will realise others will also change. Circumstances can change very quickly and many people survive day to day with the fear of homelessness hanging over them and their family. Many on here could lose a job today, not be able to pay rent, buy food or meet financial obligations. They are genuinely a day from being homeless. It happened to Bill and i have talked about it with him, i wont go into his circumstances as its not my place, but Bill was lucky got a break and has done well, many however do not.

    We like to think we dont change, but we do, we become different people to what we were based on and how we perceive lifes experiences. It is why radicalisation is such an effective tool. It uses propaganda to alter a persons perceptions of the truth and convinces them that a different reality is the true nature of what they perceive.

    Somebody like Bill is within many of us. A wrong turn up a different street and everything changes. Not everyone has Bills character.

    Homelessness is a scar on a decent society. It is a national disgrace that we see so many. It is a form of radicalisation that we are encouraged to show no humanity towards them. It is easy to label them all as fitting in certain bands of society such as druggies and its easy because we are told they are druggies and encouraged to believe that to be the case. We are encouraged to see them as the underclass,the dregs of humanity and an embarrassment to society when in fact tomorrow it could be you.
  3. Bill


    22 May 2004
    old fuddy duddy who can't work this shit yet.
    winding down in life.
    Dont really know.i had nowhere for that night. I rang an ad in a paper and this woman offered me a room on the top floor. It was full of people like me. Except they wernt me. They accepted where they were at,i didnt.i got a job and the recovery was on.They would steal my stuff whilst i was at work. When i got home they would beg for my food. The woman put me a dinner up. Sorry but it was slops,but food.it was always under water lol. I have no idea who funded that house but i was grateful.with my first wage i found a bedsit in Denton. My own front door again After that i never looked back.

    25 years on and with a few bob here and there could it happen again?
    Damned right it could.

    As i say, everyone count your blessings.
  4. stonerblue


    23 May 2004
    Still alive here....
    Top top post Bill. Been there meself and it aint much fun.
  5. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    Everyone changes but I’m really not that different to when we last spoke.

    The majority of my posts on here including the one you’ve quoted were genuine questions.

    My views are that it’s not always society’s fault, some people are responsible for the acts that lead to homelessness but there are other times when it’s not their fault at all, as in Bill’s case.

    My point is it’s not always black and white. There’s one side that blame and vilify all homeless people and there’s the other that suggests they have no responsibility and society has let them all down. I think there’s cases of both actually.

    You will have even read on this thread that I give to the homeless when I’ve got spare change, it tends to be the ones selling the big issue or that are polite and not the ones rolling around in their own vomit, as that shite is exactly where my money will go.

    It is a disgrace some people are on the streets, such as ex servicemen or people who have been left with nothing following divorce or mental health issues but until reading this thread I wasn’t aware how quickly it could happen to someone who’s not a drug addict. Which I’m willing to admit.

    I specifically said to Bill I’m not being smarmy because I know the question would come across as “oh but you weren’t outside homeless” when I was genuinely intrigued to see how it could happen to someone I know has something about them.

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