Huddersfield (a) Pre-Match Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by MarsLlama, 13 Feb 2017.

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  1. argyle


    6 Jan 2009
    anyone know if nbc etc are showing this game?
  2. BongoBlue


    1 Sep 2013
    The Hub of the Universe
    Fox Sports have the FA Cup and CL games in the US. The game is on FoxSports1 at 8:30AM Eastern Time tomorrow.
  3. AaronMooy


    13 Feb 2017
    You will be too quick for us, I know that much. It was the same when we faced Liverpool in pre season, that extra bit of speed (both in mind and body) makes a world of difference compared to what we normally face in the Championship.

    We will need a lot of luck and a top drawer performance from our keeper to stand a chance but it is the cup so you never know
  4. mosssideblue


    6 Dec 2013
    Deep under the Ocean
    Play our best 11 and you think we will struggle - based on what exactly?
  5. BufordUSABlue


    16 Jan 2009
    Making the worlds water clean to drink!
    Buford, Georgia, USA. "Leather City"
    I beg to differ mate, but unless something changed today, its a 10.00am KO as we are a 3.00pm in the UK are we not?

    Correct otherwise thought....
  6. St.Pauli support

    St.Pauli support

    17 Feb 2010
    Sounds like Huddersfield is winning the PL next season ;-) but...

    ... City under Pep is far away from being arrogant or lazy vs lower sides: we must be ready for a true cup fight.
    ... Pep and the team are aware of Hudds tactical approach and have the ability to handle all that.
    ... WE will give Hudd some difficult tasks as well, no worries!
    ... there IS a difference between the 2 leagues and we have to show it, including squad players being rotated in.

    Huddersfield really is an interesting story, good luck to them for the promotion.

    Our job will be to show from the off we want to win.
    @karen7 always calls for the first goal and rightly so. It always changes the tactics and offers space upfront.

    I am sure Pep will come up with an inspiring line-up and the right mixture.
    Would be great to see some squad players stepping up and showing we can rely on them for the weeks to come. Not easy to get a rare game and shine but exactly that could give the whole squad a next push and more confidence and team spirit.
  7. forever faithful

    forever faithful

    10 Nov 2010
    eir sport 1 are showing it in Ireland ,so should be on in a few places.
    Last edited: 18 Feb 2017
  8. Father Paul

    Father Paul

    18 Jun 2015
    I think Mars is unduly negative. Of course it will be an examination but one which we are well capable of passing even with rotation.
    They are playing well but will be without at least 2 of their key players and may well rest a few for a big league game on Tuesday.
    I think we will win by 2 goals. However, our own big match on Tues is a horse of an altogether different colour.
  9. typicalcity...


    11 Apr 2014
    Anyone think it's worth going up without a ticket? Asking around in pubs and keeping eye on FB etc?
  10. 80s Shorts

    80s Shorts

    13 Oct 2009
    Expect to see Zabba, Kompany, Clichy, Delph, Fernando, Garcia and Kelechi in the starting line up tomorrow.
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