IF we win the title against the Rags...

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by BlueBas, 13 Mar 2018 at 11:19 AM.

  1. Millwallawayveteran1988


    23 Sep 2010
    This has been built up that much I have a feeling it will be a big anti climax. We will either not get the required 3 points against Everton or won’t beat the rags.
  2. geoff clipp

    geoff clipp

    20 Jul 2010
    Have a feeling this will happen too. I think we'll beat everton but if avoiding defeat stops us winning in the derby then Mourinho will get the draw he needs. If we had a scenario where United had to win that game to stop us then it could make for a great open match though.
  3. Bluemanc100


    26 Mar 2011
    Exiled in Hawarden
    I watch the closing moments sometimes and often the excellent video on You Tube with the American Football soundtrack... It always brings tears to my eyes...

    Winning the league against the Rags knowing there are a lot of games left would be sweet but not the same...

    I've already told my son that if we beat Neverton and can win it v the rags then he can go to the game using my ticket... I've been fortunate to have seen 2 titles won but he hasn't seen one in the flesh.

    SWMBO said "he'll get to see more then you going forward" which was a strange thing to hear from a Dipper ;-)
  4. leewill31


    28 Jun 2007
    I reckon us scoring in injury time to beat them and win the premiership would come close to that feeling :)
  5. johnnytapia


    29 Feb 2012
    Nothing comes close to 2012. Nor could it. We'd been in their shadow for far too long and that day, they thought they'd kept us there, 'til Serge slid the dagger into their fucking hearts. Every time I see that goal I try and picture one of their utterly c untish fans (Patrick Kielty, James Nesbitt etc) and imagine the sheer fucking horror on their faces as it dawns on them just what's happened. If you could have written a more brutal, deathly, ghastly, heart-wrenching, murderously savage way for us to win it, well, you couldn't. I remember the guttural roar as we paraded the trophy the next day. It built up from Albert Sq and as it came round past the 1st bend, it was like a fucking tidal wave of years of upset, torment, frustration and utter fucking joy. Never heard a roar like it. It wasn't a cheer. It was a full on fucking roar. I looked around and it was twenty deep with blokes. A few kids, couple of women and the odd family. But, by and large, just grown men. This was our moment. The lads who'd followed them through thin and fucking thinner.
  6. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
    Tag team wrestler
    oh please do fuck off
    No mate, I felt almost nothing because we'd blown it
    2-1 down and I was thinking how am I going to survive the summer
    Dzeko scored and I thought what a **** ish thing to do, giving us false hope
    Aguero scored and I didn't celebrate as I couldn't take in what had happened
  7. ManCityX


    26 May 2008
    It'll be a dream moment but it's an obvious concern that some idiots will run on and get in the faces of United's players and/or run towards the away end like Wigan did after the cup game. We'll look like proper hypocrites.

    The scrotes just won't be able to help themselves and it will take the headlines over any success we might have.
  8. inchy14


    8 Jul 2009
    stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
    Need my office cleaning, got loads of dust in my eyes again ffs..
  9. tolmie's hairdoo

    tolmie's hairdoo

    20 Feb 2008
    I'm just a Cook
    Swansea will give United a game first.

    Kill two birds with one stone. Win at Everton and United would then actually have to come and try to win against us, just to keep the heat off them for top four again.

    Also sandwiched between Champions League ties, so if they do get through against Sevilla, they get Barca away just after us, that will ensure a scratch team.

    That I would like to see.

    Would rather humiliate them 6-0.
  10. bornblueegg


    3 Sep 2008
    Still shed a tear every single time I watch that

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