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Discussion in 'Technical queries' started by El Ingeniero de Noruega, 3 Jan 2016.

  1. El Ingeniero de Noruega

    El Ingeniero de Noruega

    9 Feb 2014
    How can i insert a image locally from my computer in my post?
  2. Paul Lake's Left Knee

    Paul Lake's Left Knee

    4 Jan 2008
    Fluffing the unfluffable
    Upload it on a hosting site, such as and use the URL by clicking on the icon above of the picture (next to the film reel icon) and paste the URL into where prompted, bobs your uncle.
  3. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    Be careful what you post, and make sure that you don't allow people on here access to your 'album'.

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