Internationals 5th-11th October

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  1. MarsLlama


    23 May 2016
    Sterling, Stones and Walker all starting tonight according to Sky Sports. Sterling at CAM. We are shit but I'll watch anyway, probably until Raheem gets inevitably subbed off around fifty minutes despite contributing more than Kane, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rashford combined while they all play the full 90 in a 1-0 win.
  2. mac


    19 Oct 2010
    In oddbobs overalls.
    Raheem will probably get the assist as well, then will get slaughtered as he normally does when most of the team do less than jack shit.
  3. Super David Silva 21

    Super David Silva 21

    16 Dec 2010
    Someone yesterday mentioned about Shelvey and i laughed, then i thought about it and to be fair i'd probabaly have Shelvey over Henderson at this point in time
  4. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
    Once again i'll take any football I can get (probably regret that one watching England-Slovenia later).

    Don't reckon we'll have as may complaints for this one, it's come at just the right time for us. Aguero gets more time to recover and those with niggles are hopefully rested. Also touch wood there's now new injuries.

    Interesting fixtures below but feel free to discuss any games not listed, all times are GMT:

    Thursday 5th October
    13:30 - Syria vs Australia
    19:45 - England vs Slovenia
    19:45 - N. Ireland vs Germany
    19:45 - Scotland vs Slovakia
    21:00 - Bolivia vs Brazil

    Friday 6th October
    00:30 - Argentina vs Peru
    00:30 - Chile vs Ecuador
    17:00 - Georgia vs Wales
    19:45 - Ireland vs Moldova
    19:45 - Italy vs FYR Macedonia
    19:45 - Republic of Ireland vs Moldova
    19:45 - Spain vs Albania

    Saturday 7th October
    00:35 - United States vs Panama
    17:00 - Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Belgium
    19:45 - Andorra vs Portugal
    19:45 - Bulgaria vs France

    Sunday 8th October
    17:00 - Lithuania vs England
    17:00 - Slovenia vs Scotland
    19:45 - Germany vs Azerbaijan
    19:45 - Norway vs N.Ireland

    Monday 9th October
    19:45 - Albania vs Italy
    19:45 - Israel vs Spain
    19:45 - Wales vs Republic of Ireland

    Tuesday 10th October
    10:00 - Australia vs Syria
    19:45 - Belgium vs Cyprus
    19:45 - France vs Belarus
    19:45 - Portugal vs Switzerland

    Wednesday 11th October
    00:30 - Brazil vs Chile
    00:30 - Ecuador vs Argentina
    01:00 - Trinidad & Tobago vs United States
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  5. Come on Eng....zzzzzzzz.
  6. kupest


    14 Sep 2013
    Syria scored to make it 1-1 ! Hopefully they can win the return leg. What a story !
  7. KentBlue


    16 May 2009
    Vile little man.
    Near that bloke who lives near me.
    If I were in Raheem's shoes I'd tell Southgate and the whole England set up to fuck off. He is the one player who you know is going to be slaughtered in the media regardless of what happens, so why bother putting yourself through all that negativity? An international cap these days isn't worth what it was a few years ago.
    No. Fuck 'em. Just concentrate on the pleasing the fans that do
  8. What has the media got to do with Southgate and the England set up?
  9. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    Occasional idiot
    Surrounded by the dark side of the force
  10. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008

    Gone through most of the comments and it's good to see Sterling not getting all of the abuse for once. People probably realising if he's good enough for Pep, he's more than good enough for England. Hart and Oxlade-Chamberlain getting it heavy though.

    My biggest complaint is a midfield 2 of Henderson and Dier, although looking at the bench it might be the best we've got which is fucking tragic.

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