Is Pep ever going to address the defensive side of our game?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Marvin, 7 Feb 2017.

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  1. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    That is fine to disagree. Its rarely sides have opened us up this year or we have not had enough cover it players making mistakes or performing poorly in individual situations.

    Off the top of my head I can think of Clichy against Lukaku
    Otamendia against Hazard
    Bravos positioning against William and poor positioning of full back
    Bravo drop against Ivrahimovich
    Stones back pass against Southampton/ Everton/Leicester
    Weak headed clearance for Leicester second and poor keeping
    One ball over the top with kolarov and Otanendi not tracking the runners.

    All those goals were not the fault of the system but a consequence if poor individual play.
  2. alib


    12 Oct 2005
    Pick a settled back four and let them get used to playing with each other instead of making 2-3 changes every game
  3. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Accepted. No one is perfect. I am sure our defenders could improve individually, and ultimately we might if we bought well improve on them, but I still think if you expose a defender one on one eg Kolarov against Vardy, they will be made to look poor and will make mistakes.

    Staying on the leicester example, their back 5 are the same players as far as I am aware. Last season looked very strong, this season they look terrible. Alonso at Chelsea struggled at Bolton. Not struggling now. I bet if you put Cahill in City's defence now, it would make no difference whatsoever. We keep buying expensive defenders - no improvement. A big part of a strong defence are players like barry and De Jong who protect a defence. We don't have those players in our team now. It's probably a % of individual error & a % of the wrong mix in midfield, and it's hard to prove.
  4. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    I don't know. I hear a lot of people say that. It is a very common criticism, but these guys play together in training. Must by now be familiar with the set up. I forget who it was, possibly pat Nevin who I heard on radio saying that City would not be a title contender because of the weakness in midfield....that's where I got this theory from. I've been thinking about it for a bit, and it chimes with the problems I saw last season under Pellegrini when our midfield was non-existent defensively. We had a huge long running saga about Toure. It's not so much an issue this season as he's lost weight, but I still think that that is a big part of our weakness without the ball. We just have too many attacking ball players in our team, and not enough players who can do the defensive side.
  5. The-Dogs-Pollocks


    12 May 2013
    I think most city would agree with op in so far as its obvious that the balance of the team isn't right yet.

    Peps teams press high up the pitch to win the ball back as quickly as possible - requiring fast, mobile, skilful footballers in virtually every position. I don't think he is going to put Fernando in as he doesn't have these attributes.

    One player who I thought may feature under pep was Delph, he has good technique, is very mobile and can tackle as well as pass. Maybe now he is fit, we will see him paired with Fernandinho in some of the bigger games, to stop us getting caught out on the counter quite so often.

    Toure has been in great form recently, he has been dictating our play brilliantly, but he has never been mobile and simply can't cover the ground to get back when the opposition counter's.

    I think Pep recognises it's an issue - hence trying zabs in midfield and experimenting with Fernandinho at right back - with mixed results.
  6. City Raider

    City Raider

    14 Jul 2008
    follow me I'm right behind you
    Even with new defenders it isn't guaranteed to change. His method of defence is to have the ball.
  7. fatbloke


    24 May 2004
    I think there's a lot of drama about nothing with our defence. We press very well at times, we win possession back quickly and we're solid 90% of the time.

    The thing that's catching us out is the lack of pace and intensity in the fullback positions and in midfield when Fernandinho is missing. The lack of pace and intensity means there's not enough pressure on the ball in the first phase which gives people time and space to pick the perfect pass. After that the same issues mean we haven't got the same sort of recovery speed which got Micah Richards out of so many shitty situations.

    A couple of new younger fullbacks and a younger Fernandinho to allow for rotation would fix any so called issues.
  8. Akira


    10 Aug 2010
    Unfortunately, no. But that's my personal opinion. However we should expect an upgrade on our defenders in the near future, because the main problem with our defenders boil down to age and declination. I don't even think Pep is a great judge of defenders. I believe part of his defensive philosophy is down to the team's ability to keep the ball. I don't expect our team to evolve into the best defensive side in the league or world over time, unlike what most people here are crying for, because I don't think Pep can bring that. But we can expect the team's defence to become solid enough to challenge for Champions League.
  9. harvo the blue

    harvo the blue

    2 Jan 2011
    Ruli Real Sociadad £7m £50.000
    Sidebi Monaco £30m £75.000
    Laporte Ath Bilbao £50m £90.000
    Rose Spurs £50m £125.000
    Weigl Dortmund £50m £80.000
    Alex Garcia
    Ali Spurs £60m £125.000
    Yaya 12 month contract
    Zabaletta 12 month contract
    Willy 12 month contract

    Spend £237

    Sagna free
    Kolarov £4m
    Clichy free
    Adarabioyo loan (championship)
    Iheanacho loan (premier league)
    Nalito £3m
    Bravo £ FREE
    Nasri £15m
    Hart £15m
    Fernando £7m
    Delph £7m
    Navas £3m
    Bony £15m
    Mangala £15m

    Sold £80m??? Wages £1.2m a week

    Net spend £150m
    wages saved £500.000 a week
  10. Brightwells left peg

    Brightwells left peg

    16 Mar 2011
    Darwin, Aus
    Ali for 60M is optimism, as are his weekly wages.
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