Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by Bobbins, 7 Dec 2016.

  1. Tugay One Cup

    Tugay One Cup

    5 Aug 2015
    He'd immediately be one of the first names on our team sheet IMO and is someone I've been hoping we'd get for years. Sadly, I think he will take the contract and fair play to him for that.

    As someone who I genuinely just enjoy watching, I hope Real aren't giving him minutes purely for injury reasons and for the sake of tying him down to a contract. The scoreline was hugely deceptive last night and Real were much worse off when they subbed him. He's a superstar who deserves to be centre stage.
  2. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    My opinion exactly.
  3. Akiva


    5 May 2016
    Agree with this 100%.

    Think it's likely at this point he takes the bait. Zidane may well revert to form once he's put pen to paper, but it's clear from Isco's own comments that he wants to stay (post-match last night he said he wants to stay at the "best club in the World", but apparently wasn't talking about City)

    Bitter pill to swallow, he's the long term replacement for Spanish Dave we desperately need. Oh well, trust in Pep!
  4. Edwin Edwin

    Edwin Edwin

    18 May 2016
    No doubt a talented lad but seems he'll take the easy way out and probably sign the new deal. Probably doesn't fancy being a main stay in a 'lesser' team than Madrid.A Spanish lad who'll get a few CL and cup medals playing for Spain's most followed club while starting a few games here and there.Perez's antics and influence in his sudden love-in by the media in the past few months due to his contract situation has made him feel 'important' again..Zizou's also suddenly started giving him more minutes recently to make him stay.
  5. higgi1p


    15 Sep 2012
    Diaz will be the long term successor for Silva

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