Joao Miranda

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by city diehard, 10 Aug 2009.

  1. city diehard

    city diehard

    24 Dec 2008
    Forza Mancini \/ \/ Forza Mancini
    look alright ac milan are after him, but ac milan were after Jo as well!

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  2. Pollerz


    8 Dec 2008
    he is a very good strong defender, get robi to have a sly word and keep elano away from earshot and i think he would come.

    i must admit im very happy to see wer are finally been linked with an overseas defender.

    altho we are not quite done with mr lescott yet (wink)
  3. alera


    28 Jan 2009
    Signing him would be taking high risk to the limit. I would say what I said about Jo - the chances of him doing a job for us are so low its not worth talking about. 24 and still playing in Brazil - not a good prospect IMO.

    Why take such a big risk when there are proven players in the league or at least Europe that are much more likely to be a success ?

    THankfully it just seems to be his advisors talking this up at this stage.
  4. california blue

    california blue

    13 Sep 2005
    lost angeles via sunny stretford
    What do you know Pollerz?
  5. Pollerz


    8 Dec 2008
    all im saying is wer not done with joleon, i cant be arsed putting my head on anymore of a chopping board for the prats on here.
  6. bizzbo


    30 Aug 2007
    Fickt nicht mit dem Raketemensch!
    oh go on lad. it's late, everyone's chilled out. just say, "I don't know how true it is but I heard XXXXX". if anyone gives you any grief, I'll stick up for you.

    or you could just pm us ;)
  7. Why not, whats your record. Got anything correct. Shouldnt be a chopping block if you have. Just the stocks maybe ;_)
  8. stony


    19 Jul 2005

    Go for it, any abuse and the mods will sort the twats out.
  9. Come on, mate; spit it out.
  10. Pollerz


    8 Dec 2008
    go check that list doo daa thing .

    all im saying is there will be movement in the next few days either way.. i know your all gna say this is vague but fuck it. Wednesday is the deadline thats been set.

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