John Stones - 2016/17 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Dax777, 13 Aug 2016.

  1. CityAcrossThePond


    27 May 2017
    I think next season is going to be incredibly exciting.

    Chelsea seems unwilling to spend big and will weaken, IMO, with the Lukaku-for-Costa deal. Mistake - add to this, they're one Hazard injury away from possibly falling out of the top 4. No way they'll waltz to the title next year.

    United - massive rebuilding project ahead of them - yeah, yeah, Mou's clubs kick in, in their 2nd season - not so sure this time around - the rebuild facing Mou is far worse than any he's faced in his 2nd season so far. IMO, the scum won't challenge for the title next year.... it'll take yet another year of massive spending to fix that club.

    Spurs and Pool - don't have the financial wherewithal to give their squads the best shot at the title - and haven't shown the recruitment savvy so far to overcome financial problems. Pool will likely improve their squad - not so sure that Spurs will - still both squads will be in contention for the title.

    Arsenal - meh. Will likely try for a top 4 squad with not enough spending to contend for the title.

    City slight favorites for the title IMO - but any slip gives the other top 4/5 clubs a big chance. A 5/6-way race for the title will be very exciting.
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  2. Easy


    11 Aug 2015

    this year all of the top 6 are in Europe which will level the playing field.

    Spurs play their home games at Wembley, a massive disadvantage IMO.
  3. BlueisCity


    23 Jul 2016
    Really hope we get a full year of Kompany to see how good he can help Stones become.

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