Julian Weigl

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by Bombo, 13 Jan 2016.

  1. Edwin Edwin

    Edwin Edwin

    18 May 2016
    Has always been compared to Busquets due to his mould but he'll do well to hit Fernandinho's peak levels let alone Busquets' levels..Has hit a ceiling in the last season and a half and been very poor,even BVB fans admit it,and his injury record recently is a huge concern
    Fred and Weigl are hugely different in that Fred is a mobile DM while Weigl is a regista.Fact that Fred was the 'no 1' target shows that we were going down the mobile DM/DLP route.
    Mateo Kovačić the best/better attainable alternative..50 M € release clause only and best U23 CM in Europe.
  2. 01cravend


    13 Aug 2009
    Middle of somewhere
    German Fernando
  3. Gabriel


    14 Dec 2008
    The Palladion
  4. asaluttar


    26 Feb 2018
    Wouldn't be so optimistic on the pruce

    Everton thought Stones is shit and still cost us 50m
  5. City_Sean


    23 Oct 2011
    Watching it, Drinking it in
    I'd be worried about his physicality in this league. He's a very slow player who lacks dynamism. SMS would be a much better fit.
  6. JimmyGrimble10


    28 Sep 2011
    I'm only posting a few observations (not an expert or hipster) on Weigl.

    For me, the concerns about his physicality are rightly justified but German football isn't exactly free flowing, lacking strength and power and he regularly excels.

    His intelligence is superior to 98% of players on a football pitch at any given time making him one step ahead of opposition players.

    His passing range and speed of passing is ridiculous. Honestly, I've never seen his like in the Premier League. Also, fans were worried about Gundogan’s lack of physicality in midfield and he was fantastic against Arsenal x2 and Chelsea - so Weigl could easily slot in during games like this also.

    He has stagnated at Dortmund over the past two seasons but that's not really a surprise considering how turbulent the club has been, mixed with a long-term ankle injury he picked up. Under Stroger, he's getting back to his best and been fantastic since the return of their winter break.

    His energy levels and dynamism are superb also and for me, he’s the missing piece in this squad. Dortmund have taking the hardball approach in recent years regarding fees and would be surprised if he cost less than €70million.

    Again, I'm no expert but just sharing a few thoughts and opinions.
  7. jay laruja

    jay laruja

    15 May 2012
    Glad we're back in on him. It's hard to gauge how fast he can be when recovering from errors because he rarely ever commits one. It's as if he's in the right position all the time. And combine that with unreal passing accuracy and range, he'll probably be one of our most important signings in the Pep era. I have no problem in him being our most expensive transfer of the summer.
  8. Sensanetional


    23 Jan 2017
    SMS is in no way shape or form a defensive midfielder, he's like a third CM or a glorified version of Fellaini. I don't know why this forum thinks he is, is it because he's big? It's funny because Milinkovic is also not dynamic or fast. His ballretention is awful for a physical midfielder.
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