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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by quiet_riot, 6 Oct 2017.

  1. mancunial


    27 Jun 2009
    What really fascinated me was the amount of wazzocks who had quite a bit to say about the proposed transfer, especially that well known neutral man united season ticket holder the one and only chairman of the PFA his majesty mr Gordon Taylor, he stated our proposed purchase of kaka would push smaller clubs into crisis, at the time he was quite scathing with Ferguson’s hand up his back working the dummy we had our favourite leg breaker Wigan piers one and only dave I played at Wembley once whelan, his statement was really articulate ( kaka City want to buy kaka hundred bloody million bloody stupid ) got to give dave that he’s got finesse
  2. BlueTG


    18 Jul 2009
    He was missing a decent tackle against Spurs around May 2010
  3. Vic


    11 Jan 2009
    The petrol money one? (Every time Rags filled up it put money in the club coffers)

    Well you've come all this far
    Just to see our new star
    So now fill up your car
    For Kaka.
  4. borassic


    8 Mar 2007
    What a player though.
  5. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    Some of these replies are funny as fuck. Bottled it references are boring and predictable though.

    So basically we are complaining about him not wanting to join us at that point. Don't fucking blame him under Hughes and it would have been a big risk coming and playing with some absolute shite players. Didn't he go Madrid afterwards? Put his career before money, oh what a bastard. How amateur of us to just throw a silly big daft bid in for a player without even having an inkling if they are interested. Seems these days we get everything tied up with a player first then bid after.
  6. PepInYourStep


    23 Jun 2017
    I think he'd had an injury and his fitness went off a cliff, never really got back that burst of pace which made him so devastating. In hindsight it was an expensive bullet dodged
  7. citytilllidie


    14 Apr 2011
    He was a fantastic footballer. Some of his play at high speed was sublime
  8. StrangewaysHereWeCome


    29 Jan 2008
    Take the highway to the end of the night
    Sunny Salford
    "Massively surprised"
    I stopped reading at that point. The knobend.
  9. M18CTID


    15 Jul 2008
    In the cricket club at Burnley away
    Agree with most of your post but I beg to differ on this bit - as outrageous as the mooted figures were, I think it's clear that Kaka was sounded out by the club and he was receptive to the move. No way would it have got as far down the line as it did if he wasn't in any way interested. I'm guessing here but I reckon negotiations with Milan and Kaka had been going on for weeks in the background before the ensuing media frenzy.

    That said, I stand by my earlier point that in hindsight I feel it was the wrong move for the club (and Kaka himself of course) at the time. I was pretty gutted when it fell through but we've developed as a club so much since - whereas Milan have regressed a hell of a lot during the same period - that I've long since gotten over it. As he says himself, it would be a much easier decision for him to make if it was present-day City making a move for him.
  10. Gaudion M

    Gaudion M

    5 Sep 2014
    This saga continues to influence our transfers to this day. We made a big deal of it in the media at the time as Cook was convinced it would happen and it was the statement signing the club wanted. I don't doubt the account or Kaka's indecision it could well of happened. I think the club took it hard when it didn't - a big set back where I genuinely think they thought that we would have a world class 11 within 2 years. Ever since there has been a noticeable tightening of media coverage of our transfers, Bernardo Silva anyone? The impact of Kaka was and remains a slowdown and quietening down of transfer activity. We quietly sound out what we can do and we look to do it decisively and early. That and the Tevez debacle that put an end to singing nutters email the deals that shape the way we evolve as a squad.

    I'm glad he didn't sign.

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