Kevin and David vs Xavi and Iniesta

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  1. HarrytheBlue


    12 May 2011
    David hasn't lost any pace. Pace, in terms of sprinting for the ball has never formed part of his game. He has quick feet and with the ball at his feet under total control is as quick as anyone. Even quicker mentally. If you watch David closely, you'll see that he takes up positions half way between the two nearest defenders causing confusion as to who should come at him. And when there's nothing on he does that 360 degree turn and has another look. Total and utter genius.
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  2. HarrytheBlue


    12 May 2011
    To play for Pep you have to have bottle - bottle to demand the ball when surrounded by opposing players (look at John Stones). It's risk and reward. Together with the pressure he puts on players he clearly encourages them in equal measure and they're responding.
  3. HarrytheBlue


    12 May 2011
    When Pep comes up against stubborn defensive opposition, you'll see that in phases his team will keep hold of the ball on one side of the pitch - even going round in circles until the opposition lose their discipline and shape and come looking for the ball. At that point, 60 yard pass to the player instructed to hug the opposite touchline in loads of space who runs diagonally towards the 18 yard box. Quite often that player is Walker.
  4. DeBruyneWaterInMeEToilet


    31 May 2017
    Not a chance they’re close to those two. Xavi & Iniesta will go down as two of the best midfielders of all time. They could do it all, throughout the whole season & have an endless amount of trophies to show for it

    Biggest discrepancy between their game, is probably their ability to control matches. They could slow the game down with ease. I’m still not sure KDB & Silva will be able to do that comfortably in the deeper stages of the CL yet. They’re both at the end of the day direct midfielders & always looking for that forward pass.
  5. NanaToure42


    30 Jan 2013
    Yes I've been thinking about this.

    Closest player I can compare him to would be Eriksen.
  6. FCBarca


    18 Jan 2011
    Sure but tbh it's never a comparison you can really make IMHO.

    Apart from the obvious in Messi, peak Pep/Barca enjoyed superlative players at just about every position on the park. Xavi, Iniesta & Busquets - an argument can certainly be made that there has never been a midfield trio like them. Dani Alves when he came from Sevilla in 2008 was at that time perhaps the most devastating defender the game has seen in our generation. Many probably don't recall what a monster player he was at Sevilla but I still have yet to come across a defender anywhere that inspired more fear in the opposition and not simply for defending but in attack. He shut down his side of the pitch rendering most attacking players (Including when he faced Thierry Henry) moot while simultaneously posing an incredible attacking threat. When he came to Barcelona under Pep, the connection he established with Messi - it was nothing I have seen before or since. Like Xavi & Iniesta, it was virtually innate. Throw in Samuel Eto'O & Thierry Henry in attack and you have a formidable & clinical attacking trident. That just leaves Valdes, Abidal, Puyol & Pique which formed a defensive partnership that thwarted the opposition. Has there ever been an XI like that, throw in bench players like Pedro, Jeffren, Seydou Keita, Yaya, Sylvinho (Who started the CL Final) & Rafa - well, they were deep, skilled & played Pep's brand of football almost extinctively which you had to expect considering how many came through the cantera playing this way from youth.

    Anyway, I think you can never really compare these sort of systems & players although you are spot on that Pep tries to make the best use of the personnel at his disposal. If it doesn't work as hoped/intended, he'll adapt and then do it again. As you've already gathered, Pep isn't married to positions but rather getting the collective XI to play a bit like a hydra The similarity clearly lies in the way they play and we saw that with peak Bayern under Pep too. And I agree that City has a different identity but still hasn't reached peak football. For me, the question really is will they get there as I am sure they will get better still - absolutely certain of that. But the step up to greatness takes a certain sort of mentality you see among champion sides. I know a few of the players have it but as a collective will they show that in the biggest matches and when the chips are down? We will have to see which is why I look for that mental edge when I watch City now - it's still not quite there yet but you can see it's growing

    I agree too that there is a vertical aspect to their game that appears different that Barcelona's but that too is down to the difference in how the midfielders operate. Will KDB move higher up the pitch once a different profile DM is brought in? Or is KDB better suited to the role he currently enjoys dropping deeper? I'm not sure but knowing Pep, like with how he used Messi - he will want to keep his key players closer to goal than deeper. So, I suspect he envisions moving KDB higher up the pitch where he can do the most damage. I think Pep isn't quite done tinkering with the look of this team. The good is that you are seeing more of the key players asserting themselves on the game where you see few weak links. Right now, the weakest link would be Delph but that isn't to say that he has been poor - quite the opposite. It's just that Mendy would be providing more going forward and taking greater advantage of Leroy.

    Then there is the question of Alexis Sanchez - will they really go after him in the winter market? Will they risk having to reinvent themselves by having to integrate and take full advantage of his skill set if they are rolling in December?
  7. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    I think we are getting carried away with ourselves. This partnership have not been consistent enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as iniesta and Xavi. We need to maintain this form for another 1-2 seasons before we can start to make comparisons.
  8. bugsyblue


    7 May 2009
    Watch his first European (or was it World Cup) game for Spain. His pace was much quicker than now. My point is he's developed into a different and even better player than when he first broke into the national team.

    He has amazing turn of pace and close control. Never loses the wall. He's fab.
  9. ninjamonkey


    4 Jun 2009
    On pure technical footballing ability, they're on that level, David Has proved he has the consistency they had too, with KDB not far away. The difference is of course the trophies. There's a romance involved when it comes to Xavi and Iniesta, both come through the ranks and won everything there was to win playing the most attractive football anybody has ever seen, nobody will compare to them for that reason. I'm not saying they wasn't absolutely superb players but that extra bit of romance elevates them above players that are perhaps on an equal level. There's a few others out there that weren't as good that get this benefit too, Pirlo is the biggest example, a great footballer, not on the same level as the two mentioned though and not as good as popular opinion would have you believe but there's this perception after a handful of magic performances in his later years.
  10. Maldeika


    27 Aug 2011
    Why do you need to compare them? They are different types of players - and the systems of both teams are different even if the main idea of Pep - to have the ball - is still the same. This kind of comparisons I hate as it is a team sports - not that of individuals. The best team is that that combines different types of players with their strengths and weaknesses together in a system that matches to the team. Xavi and Iniesta were ideal for the way Barca played in Pep's period there. With them the style of City would be different to the way you play with KdB and Silva.

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