Kevin De Bruyne - 2016/17 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by jimharri, 1 Aug 2016.

  1. lancs blue

    lancs blue

    31 Jul 2007
    It's barm so STFU.
    Sums it up for me, his form in the middle has been average at best for a few weeks now and we've been carrying him too often but he can still put in a peach of a cross from the wing.
  2. super_city_si


    29 Dec 2007
    Wonder if he's second guessing himself? He has started taking too many touches before releasing the pass. One in the first half especiallynwhere sane would have been away but kev took 2 touches too many and the time he released it sane was offside. Also his accuracy has hit the floor.
  3. Mr HJ

    Mr HJ

    28 Dec 2009
    Yet still there is not one other player in the team that can find the pass to Sergio today. I agree with you, he's struggling for a bit of form but seriously I don't understand some of the reactions on here from certain fans. Re: demands of the system - a big problem lies with us not having powerful fullbacks who can give players like Kevin extra runners to find and also get back to close space, this leaves the midfield very vulnerable. That said some of the play by the younger players today was excellent. The future is bright and I believe once we get young strong fullbacks our team will be almost unstoppable.
  4. BlueMedic


    19 Apr 2016
    Singled out for praise on MOTD for his performance against Liverpool. Feels like people on here have set their standards on KDB a little bit too high after his first season.

    Certainly not at his best, but far from one of our bigger problems, created our 3 biggest chances of the match today, which isn't uncommon for him even when he has a poor game.
  5. cleavers


    30 May 2007
    Home or work
    Everyone around where I sit thought he was shit today, but the match of the day clips apparently prove otherwise, its a pity they didn't show the numerous misplaced simple passes.

    I really rate KdB, but he is really out of form right now, great cross aside, for me me he needs a break,
  6. br88


    2 Nov 2014
    Even when not playing at his best he created the three best moments in the match...the pass to Silva for the Sterling non penalty, the world class pass for Sergio's goal and the brilliant run and chipped pass to Sergio at the end for what should have been the winner. We know he has not been at his best recently but some of the abuse that he was given today by so called City fans was sickening. And these people here on Bluemoon talking about 89 minutes of dross and one good pass are not much better.
  7. obliquerays


    8 Nov 2010
    He was still meh in a lot of the general play today but some of the criticism on here is way over the top. He produced four word class incisive passes today that all could/should have led to goals ... only giving him props for the one that did is one eyed bollox.
  8. bobom


    30 Nov 2009
    I know what I an about to say is a bit glib. But hey. The guy has got a 1 year old boy. He probably just been through the most sleep deprived, knackered, wonderfully distracting year of his life. He probably hardly knows what day of the week it is. His brain has gone to mush. Give him a bit more time, and his mind will come good again.
  9. mavsmcfc


    5 Jan 2016
    The stupidity in this thread I will never get. If you want 90% ball retention go get Michael fucking Carrick as your CM.

    Without KDB we wouldn't be able to have that many chances to score, let alone a single goal.
  10. Tevez City

    Tevez City

    9 May 2010
    Well said mate.

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