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  1. Brucie Bonus

    Brucie Bonus

    15 Aug 2008
    By Ian Ladyman
    Last updated at 12:01 AM on 15th December 2008

    After a run of eight games that have produced just five points and with Manchester City out of the relegation zone on goal difference only, there are some fans who feel Mark Hughes should no longer be in charge at the richest club in the world.

    They are wrong. His team are certainly in poor shape. They deserved very little from this game and got nothing.

    Allied to that, the City manager has made some mistakes in recent weeks. His decision to play the ageing Dietmar Hamann in front of his back four during the recent defeat against Manchester United was certainly peculiar and the wisdom of bringing Shaun Wright-Phillips infield from his favoured position on the right recently is debatable.

    Thousands of miles away in Abu Dhabi, the club’s Arab owners will no doubt be a little anxious.

    However, the time for Hughes to be judged is when he has built something resembling his own team in the second half of the season. He is currently being handicapped by two factors over which he has little control.

    There are players in his squad who are not good enough and there are others who have lost the form of last season.

    The City manager admitted he lost his temper in the dressing room after this game, and it is little wonder.

    After seeing one central defender - Richard Dunne - concede a needless corner in injury-time and another - Micah Richards - fail to get off the ground as Tim Cahill leapt to head in the winning goal, he had every right to be irritated.

    Hughes must ask himself when the two defenders who did so much for Sven Goran Eriksson last season are going to show their real selves again. He also must wonder who on earth thought it would be a good idea to pay upwards of £ 25million for centre forwards Jo and Benjani. Neither are good enough for a club who see themselves as upwardly mobile, and the fact that City do not have a reliable central striker at the club is killing Hughes week in week out. Benjani was modest at best until damaging a hamstring on Saturday and, on replacing him, Jo was as dreadful and as anonymous as ever.

    January, of course, will bring some relief in the form of Blackburn striker Roque Santa Cruz, Portsmouth midfielder Lassana Diarra and at least one central defender, with a bid for Arsenal’s Kolo Toure still in Hughes’s mind.

    'Ideally, you would like to do business as quickly as you can,’ said Hughes. ‘You want to get them settled in really quickly.

    ‘I think it’s fair to say that there’s going to be a Man City premium on top of the prices and the values.

    ‘But the premium won't be significant. I can assure you of that. If we have a market value on any player, and the price is significantly above what we think the market value should be, then we will walk away.’

    A look at City's forthcoming fixtures certainly suggests that an improved team would have reason to be optimistic, with games against West Bromwich, Hull, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Wigan, Newcastle, Stoke and Middlesbrough before they play one of the title-chasing sides, Liverpool, on February 21 at Anfield.

    sauce: Daily Mail

    Also Teh Independent:

    "We need that physical threat, that desire to get on the end of things when balls are flashing across the six-yard box," he added. "We need a bit more devilment, a bit more aggression to resist challenges. We played a lot of football around their box but we need to get across defenders and mess people around."

    In other words, what he wants, for all their ability to create a breathtaking spectacle – even, at times, in a cold, damp Lancashire December – is not more of Elano or Robinho, but perhaps a bit of Emile Heskey. "We are having a lot of play in midfield but the ball is coming back there too quickly so we are not able to keep teams penned in their box," Hughes said.
  2. BlueSam


    5 Sep 2008
    Casa Bonita
    i think its a good article.

    i dont know about jo, i really dont...

    i have defended him a lot lately, saying he needs time...but if he would just show a flash of brilliance every now and again to show me that he has bags of potentential, then i would be contempt...

    but as it stands, i dont see that he has any footballing ability whatsoever...his touch.. poor, his movement...poor, his strength...poor, awareness..poor.

    I dont know what to say, send him on loan or get rid.
  3. MCFCTrick


    19 Apr 2008
    Agreed, I was the same, saying he needs time to settle. Was hoping for an improved performance when he came on Saturday, but as you say, there wasn't even any flashed of potential to pin our hopes on. Would have thought he was playing as well as possible to make an impact on the game and therefore the manager, and us supporters too.
    Surely he must have SOMETING to have caught the eye of whoever signed/recommended him? He gets in the Brazil squad FFS! SO, is it he isn't happy here? Has he 'lost' it? No idea, but losing patience to be honest.
    Good balanced article from Ladyman though.
  4. Just a thought and a message to all you conspiracy theorists out there that call ladyman a rag loving c**t etc... (and tjhere are many of you).

    Could there be a hidden agenda at work here? Why does he want Hughes to stay? Could it be that he sees he is not up to the job and wants to watch City fail??

    Think about it... read between the lines, the message is in there!
  5. Oh how I hope this is true... it certainly wont emndear him to his disaffected playing staff....

    The countdown has begun....
  6. MCFCTrick


    19 Apr 2008
  7. Bill


    22 May 2004
    old fuddy duddy who can't work this shit yet.
    winding down in life.
    i think he makes thing is for sure no one will come here in our present position, well no one not already signed up.
  8. nickson71


    26 Jul 2007

    not to bad an article

    de niro - how many players do you think are already signed up
  9. Thanx4Knives


    16 May 2008
    Between Sometime and Never
    He's spot on, players not turning up is a major problem and if it continues they should be replaced e.g. Dunne, Richards, Benjani, Ball and i'll inclde Johnson in there too!
  10. chesterguy


    16 Oct 2007
    I have read some crap on here but this takes some beating. I know there are those who just want Hughes out which bearing in mind where we are I can understand. But to believe that our owners will continue to employ the manager because they will read articles in the British press and base their decision on such articles is laughable if people werent being so serious.

    I think the article is quite well balanced and there are many City fans whose glass is 3/4 empty and choose to look at the negative side. You could say we are just 9 points off being in 6th place. I am sure at theis time last season the gap between the bottom and the top of the league was much greater.

    Conspiracy theorists keep at it you no doubt think the Loch Ness monster is out there too

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