Man City Stinkers Part 3 - Steve Mcmanaman

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by mcfcliam, 14 Jun 2011.

  1. mcfcliam


    29 Jul 2009
    Full time City fan
    South Stand 118 and NOT the Blue Alliance Liam!
    Moving on from Gareth Taylor, we now have this thief as part 3 of the Man City stinkers and Jesus Christ, this waste of space has earned it!

    He came on big wages and had high hopes after his debut but from then on, he didn't give a fuck, offered absolute fuck all on the pitch and continued to bleed the club dry.

    He got the nickname 'Steve Mcminimum' for a reason...absolute donkey.

    Without doubt one of the biggest tossers ever to play for the club...the curly haired twat.

  2. lloydie


    15 May 2005
    Didn't we only buy him to help Blobby Fowler with the language?

    Probably had more disparaging nicknames than any other city player I can think of, Mcmoneyman, Sideways Mcpointyman, etc etc etc
  3. bluemanchester


    4 Dec 2009
    Thought he came to work in the offices.
  4. manimanc


    26 Jul 2010
    breaking into heaven.....
    we used to call him the traffic cop as all he did was stand there and fuckin point here,there and everywhere everytime he played....

    great player in his pomp but absolute dogshit for us...

    ran gerry creaney a very close second for being the biggest twat to ever pull on the city shirt....
  5. elano


    28 Aug 2008
    i remember at oldham 3rd round of FA we were getting beat 1-0 when on comes mcmanaman to change things but he fell over with his first touch, everyone just laughed in disbelief, bag of shite,
  6. BWTAC


    1 Jun 2010
    Cloppa Castle
    He always reminds me of Animal from The Muppets, "McManaman, duh duh de de duh". Other than that, his complete twatishness knew no bounds.
  7. johnny on the spot

    johnny on the spot

    19 Jul 2006
    Medicated for your safety.

  8. Bellamy's Caddy

    Bellamy's Caddy

    26 Jan 2009
    As a neutral I used to love watching McManaman for Liverpool, he was such a good player, he did well at Madrid, isn't he most successfull (trophy wise) English footballing export? And when City signed him I was buzzing....

    I was at the Villa game where he made his debut and he was brilliant, he didn't score but he ran the game in midfield and I remember the crowd really taking to him... it didn't last long did it, talk about a one game wonder. He was awful for the rest of his time with us though and pointing used to drive people mad.

    I remember a pic on the front cover of an issue of King of the Kippax and it was the back of the players as they lined up for a minutes silence and it had speech bubbles coming out of the players mouths about Who the worst player at the club was, it had people like Sinclair and Macken going ''its not me'' the one coming out of McManaman's mouth said ''It can't be me, I played for Real Madrid''

    I remember a derby against united he played in, I think we lost 2-0 with one goal a spectacular Dunne own goal where he hooked the ball over his shoulder in to the top corner...anyway, there was a chance in one of the games and it was easier to miss than was set up on a plate for Mcpointalot blazed it wise...summed his time at City up.<br /><br />-- Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:20 pm --<br /><br />
    What stands out about that video is about 1.26 where Distin pushes Keane, then Sylvestre away... Sylvestre starts clutching his face trying to get Distin sent off, cheating rag.
  9. RP2


    10 Sep 2010
    Nail on head!!

    This guy is the number 1 City Stinker of all time. I absolutely hated the sight of him - he got me so fucking angry. No other City player has ever got me angrier. Not even Lee Bradbury.
  10. The Silver Surfer

    The Silver Surfer

    1 Jul 2009
    Runner for Galactus
    Haha we can laugh now !

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