Manu Garcia (on loan at Breda)

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Ric, 11 Jan 2017.

  1. twosips


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    That's how I feel. At some point there has to be a demonstrable example of this actually leading to a concerted chance with the first team. I also don't think it's fair for ANY of these lads to be expected to fully complete their development during these loans. Almost none of them will come back at a guaranteed starter level. It ain't possible given their age and the lower levels theyre palying at.

    Say they're going out at 5/10, and a usual City player is 8 or 9/10. They shouldn't have to somehow play at a 6/10 level and come back as an 8 or 9 to get a chance. That's an unfair and unrealistic expectation.

    If they come back as a 6.5/7 then we should be then willing to take a chance on letting them get that extra 10% here at the club.
  2. FantasyIreland


    29 Oct 2008
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    Thats the ultimate goal,but not the defining one IMO.
    Already our partnerships and loan deals are bearing fruition as the financial figures will substantiate.
    Even if players dont return here and claim a first team spot they,such as the subject of this thread,will have gained enormous experience and gotten themselves in the lime light - that can only be a good thing for all concerned.

    Garcia was always deemed a brilliant prospect,however he has blossomed and developed in every sense since this move - the CFG and these partnerships are fantastic development and business models - its win,win!
  3. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    I think Guardiola believes the actual experience of playing matches matters as a demonstration of reliability rather than ability.

    His comments about Maffeo and Barca B seemed to indicate his biggest problem was knowing if they had the mental side of things sorted so they could actually show the quality he sees in first team training.

    He knows they've got the quality from training, he just can't tell if they're going to melt under the spotlight.

    So if that's true then just the experience of playing in relegation battles, in derbies, in big stadiums etc. should be enough. They shouldn't need to actually play so well that we'd want to sign them if we didn't own them, just well enough that Pep can calm those worries about chucking someone into a game that matters.
  4. WallyA


    21 Dec 2016
    I've come around to the idea that there doesn't have to be a direct line to the first team. While this is ideal, I think what the links show is a clear progression for a youth player in their football FUTURE.

    By this I mean, people shouldn't think "oh well signing for City's academy, what a waste of time, they won't promote youth", instead the thought should be "Hmm, so I'll get a world class footballing background from one the best facilities in the world, then have a chance to play men's football in 1st division of Spain or Netherlands and make a career for myself, and If i'm special, play for City, that seems like a smart plan to me"

    The connection to me means that more youth will want to come here, even if they can't play for City, I don't necessarily see that as important, because like Manu Garcia, even if he doesn't play for City, his progression from Academy -> NAC where he impressed pretty much guarantees a good/great career in football for him.

    I'm almost certain something similar will happen with Paolo Fernandes and Thierry Ambrose, maybe they won't play for us, but for sure the opportunity to go from Academy to first team football will be great, and Girona opens up more options as well.

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