Mark Hughes.... Did it seem right??

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    1 Sep 2008
    go on weston
  2. Weston Blue

    Weston Blue

    18 Feb 2008
    yes i did. I think that Kompany, SWP and Robinho have been our best players (with the exception of Ireland) all season. I do not however, think we get the ball to SWP and Robinho enough and our other failings need sorting ie more defensive strenght (in the middle and at the back) and a top notch scorer (but not the one who keeps posting stuff about Hughes!).
  3. svennis pennis

    svennis pennis

    7 Apr 2008

    No. I have been against Hughes continuing with us for a couple of months now. He has done nothing in those months to convince me he should stay in charge.

    In your eyes i'm a clown because i think the project has now become about not getting relegated to the championship. When did the brief change?

    What have you seen from Hughes so far that suggests he can motivate our players and get them playing consistently?

    He looks like a rabbit in the headlights.
  4. I agree with all of that.
  5. If you wanted Hughes gone two months ago, then you were advocating sacking a manager after he'd been in charge for a dozen or so games. Makes you even more pathetic than I originally thought.

    Ha! No-one gets relegated in December. There's still half the season to go. I am pretty calm.

    City 6 Porsmouth 0. Sunderland 0 City 3. City 3 Stoke 0. City 3 Arsenal 0.

    No he doesn't. He looks like a manager under pressure, which he is.
  6. svennis pennis

    svennis pennis

    7 Apr 2008
    The games he won were not consistent. They were separated by defeats and draws.

    Look at the latest Hughes poll and you will se a majority in favor of him being sacked. That sentiment is echoed across plenty of other City boards.

    Why is he under pressure? Because of the form we are in?

    He looks confused at best tactically. He is on a hiding to no where. He is struggling to accommodate the flair players because it goes against the grain of his abilities as a manager and tactician. So what he wants is to produce a team of efficient work horses that will run through brick walls and hopefully bring him the results. Unfortunately our owners want to see us play with style. A trait which doesn't seem to be in Hughes vocabulary. At least on a consistent basis.
  7. Weston Blue

    Weston Blue

    18 Feb 2008
    When was last time that any City manager produced consistency (in the positive sense). Proabably Keegan when we got promoted last time.

    Yes, the poll is against him. Does this mean he should go? If a manager went eberytime a proportion of fanes got on his back few, would still be in jobs. Clearly people can be be antiHughes, but the Board make decisions based on what they think.

    I think Billy Shears acknowlegded he was under pressure, but his point was he could cope with it.

    Not sure his tactics are always right, but not sure they are always wrong. As psoted, I think we have a balance issue - we miss someone like Johnson to link the team (I think Elano has suffered greatly without him), need some CBs that can distribute the ball and get our good players more involved.
  8. I think you'll find that messageboards are in no way a true reflection of what a club's majority supporter base thinks.

    He has an unbalanced and underperforming first team squad who have a host of injuries and no real quality striker. I think you'll find he was on a hiding to nothing from the day ADUG bought the club and some of our supporters slowly began to morph into "i want it all, and i want it now" types...

    The bias against MH is sickening. And very very tedious. Thankfully we seem to have owners who take a much more measured approach to hiring and firing than all the armchair experts on here...
  9. svennis pennis

    svennis pennis

    7 Apr 2008
    How some people arent getting sick of the excuses. Light on numbers? The players we had out before that game of any note are Petrov and Johnson. I rate Bojinov but he is still unproven.

    Yes they open up other options but Everton had their entire strike force out and still scored 1 more than us.

    'when teams frustrate us we haven't had the answers and Saturday was another case in point.'

    Whats going to be the answer to that then? He should have the answers. Its all pointing to us kicking our way through these types of teams. There was evidence that with a run of games, The combination of Elano, Robinho and Ireland can open up these teams through the middle. Instead all that was rained back in the second half and back to long ball we go.
  10. bizzbo


    30 Aug 2007
    Fickt nicht mit dem Raketemensch!
    10 players out by my count. the key was garrido, sturridge, petrov, bojinov out. we had to play michael ball and a clearly unfit/out-of-sorts robinho. out left side was non existant, everton capitalised by crowding out the right hand side, ireland spent all his time helping out defensively, and wasnt available to link play in the centre as much. sweep was our best player first half but they cut off all supply to him.

    and don't tell me that MH told people to hoof it about second half. we started off passing it about but were sloppy and got caught out a couple of times in the first 5 minutes. that's when the defenders lost confidence resorted to long ball.

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