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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by guvnors son mcfc, 13 Apr 2014.

  1. guvnors son mcfc

    guvnors son mcfc

    31 Oct 2008
    Sheikhs Palace
    Gutted as each and every one of us on here but just about had the stomach to watch the goals again as watching it live you are caught in the moment. I am not getting on the "agenda" bandwagon although we all know that Manchester City FC are not wanted at the top.

    I ask you all to just listen to the commentary when the goals go in.

    1-0 Tyler screams at the top of his voice as Sterlling scores
    2-0 Tyler screams at the top of his voice as Skirtel heads in
    2-1 Silence as Silva scores and then a token gesture
    2-2 Silence again and you actually here a sigh and a groan ( I think the groan comes from Neville ) before they even acknowledge that City have equalised.
    3-2 Tyler screams like a lunatic when the winner goes in

    It really is disgraceful that the biase is that obviously blatant. He is paid to be a professional commentator, it might as well of been LFC TV, It was the same in the Derby the other week.

    I can take getting beat and we are still in the mix if we win our two games in hand and after that today I want this title more than the first one. I want Tyler to choke on his microphone.

    Proud of our impeccable support again and the clubs tributes to the 96 was also a touch of class from our fantastic football club !

    To Vinny, hold your head high " City love you more than you will know "
    To the Sheikh , keep pumping your billions into our club !
    To Sky, the Media and all the other haters , Manchester City are not going away, your precious big 4 has been smashed for ever !
    And Finally to you Martin Fucking Tyler, you bitter old twat, you are a disgrace to your profession,
  2. KippaxCitizen


    10 Nov 2013
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  3. meeesh


    15 Jan 2009
    All over the place
    No RIP ? Fuck sake gutted again
  4. @BluePhil8


    4 Jan 2009
    Agree. I looked at the matches thread on RedCafe and they said the same thing. Sounded really sad for our goals. That's why I don't buy the Daily Mail or subscribe to Sky. It's deplorable to fund either if you are a City fan.
  5. [youtube][/youtube]
  6. Blue Punter

    Blue Punter

    2 Nov 2008
    The difference in his commentary for their three goals and our two was very noticeable.
  7. ElanJo


    23 Aug 2008
    Not sat next to Eagle. Thank God!
    Didn't really notice the difference at the time, for obvious reasons, but watching back the highlights (that didn't touch on Suarez diving/red card btw) it was pretty shocking how monotone he was when we scored.
  8. Coljj


    23 Aug 2005
    He stops commentating as if someone has been flagged offside.
  9. Always_Blue


    29 Apr 2010
    Been at the game, but just seen the analysis on Sky, and have written the same on Facebook.

    Disgusting bias again, but are we a surprised ......

    Just imagine how much worse it would of been if that Weasel Owen was working on the game !!
  10. m7mcfc


    17 Oct 2008
    Man of leisure
    Between here and there.
    I posted about this twat earlier on his heart sank at every Liverpool miss and his heart skipped a beat whenever we went close. m7mcfc's sky account got eradicated today. Fair play to Liverpool though you have to be in it to win it.

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