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Discussion in 'EDS and Academy Forum' started by Bilboblue, 20 Sep 2017.

  1. CityStu


    7 Jan 2011
    Depends on why you think we have youth teams. Do we play to win trophies, or try to develop players for the first team?

    We might have won if we'd played the likes of Foden and Diaz, but we'd have learned fuck all about them and we wouldn't have learned about the capabilities of the upcoming guys in their positions.
  2. Frank76


    11 Dec 2016
    Diaz too old am afraid!
  3. CityStu


    7 Jan 2011
    Point still stands. We can play kids who are well ahead of the curve for their age group against their peers and they'll sweep all before them. It's largely pointless though.
    Foden is much better being in and around the first team, pushing for a squad place than dropping back to spank some U18s. Similarly, it'd be crap for the youngsters who are training each day with the U18s to be turfed out to make way for, essentially, a senior player parachuted down.
  4. OhForAGreavsie


    13 Nov 2014
    Well, speaking as a Chelsea fan, I've enjoyed the recent end-of-season Youth Cup showdowns between our two clubs, so I'm disappointed that you're out. I suppose we can hope for an U18 title play off between the clubs instead. That is far from certain however.

    While we tend to play strong sides for the Youth Cup, we take the U18 league less seriously. It rates only as priority number four among academy fixtures behind; The Youth Cup, The UEFA Youth League & EDS games. Our better youngsters will only play in an U18 league game if they are not selected for a higher priority fixture taking place within four or five days. Throw in the fact that league games sometimes clash with development level international games and, although we currently lead the southern section, it is far from certain we'll stay there.
  5. EricBrooksGhost


    19 Oct 2010
    You have a few gems, this being one of the best

    Fit in to what? I don't see a system. We pass the ball a lot but the identity has been ripped out of the side. Our entire club is at risk of being built round a fraud. That's one of the worst performances I've seen in years. Even worse than against relegation fighters Leicester. I'm sick of hearing about these keepers who play out. What? Pass a ball 5 yards to their defender which puts us under pressure more often than not. It's not just the keeper but it must be hard for defenders knowing every shot on target goes in.
  6. It could have been 10

    It could have been 10

    9 Dec 2012
    Does any one know why Nathaniel Ogbeta has not been included in any of this year's U18 squads. He seemed to be one of the outstanding U16 players last season & even played quite a few games for the U18's. I am assuming he must have a long-term injury.
  7. twosips


    29 Apr 2008
    You've assumed right. He did play at the start of the season
  8. himalayan_blues


    23 Feb 2013
    medical doctor
    Guys i dont know where to search so i am gonna ask here.
    When is our uefa youth league game and with whom?
  9. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
  10. Sensanetional


    23 Jan 2017
    Yes, he just returned from a long-term injury. I think he played at the start of the season for the U18s

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