Media bias against City

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by JoeMercer'sWay, 27 Jan 2015.

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  1. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    I think most people would agree that a wonderful performance by Rooney would receive more print than a similar performance by a lesser striker by virtue of the club he pays for. That and the media gives more time to certain clubs, larger clubs, is hardly disputable. It is a pretty self-explanatory point as for the reasons they do this.

    What I never understand is why people on this thread scream bias when Rooney gets the plaudits or United get more press than us but seem comfortable when City receive much more press than other clubs or Delph gets in the team of the week over Shelvey. My point has always been that with a higher profile when things go wrong you also receive a lot more press coverage but in a favourable context. See the criticism of LVG in comparison to that received by Gary Monk, Remy Garde,Tim Sherwood etc. For the big clubs its a double edge sword.
  2. Colin Bell's Boots

    Colin Bell's Boots

    31 May 2015

    The trouble is that an average performance by Rooney gets more print than most other strikers , and that is due purely to media bias towards the Rags
  3. crystal_mais


    11 Jul 2007
    anywhere but here please
    Piss funny on Hawksbee & Jacobs this afternoon - they had Mark Halsey on reviewing Ref decisions - they talked about Martinez reaction and were not too complimentary about him, considering the one Everton got away with on Wednesday - Halsey then laughed at the live reaction of Stelling and Nicholas on Sky about the penalty. Jacobs and Danny Kelly (I think) response was to call Stelling & Nicholas a pair of numpties that don't have a clue about football. "Hilarious"
  4. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Sly Sports Monday Night Football.

    Opening gambit.


    "Louis Van Gaal. United are title contenders".

    Back to Tonight's Match.

    I know BT are trying their hardest to suck the Devils cock, but they've still got some way to go to overtake Sly Sports.
  5. Bodicoteblue


    23 Apr 2012
    They're much cagier on talksh*t , where they "can't be written of as title winners", although the general consensus is that they really aren't good enough!
    They are still getting plenty of airtime , for such a dull side.
    Wonder why.
  6. belperboy1


    10 Jan 2016
    Brilliant hour of discussions. Morgan and Carragher. Concentrate on that rather than a throwaway remarks.

    You may learn something.
  7. mat


    22 May 2004
    Official Gimp to The Rat that Barks
    Glued to my tablet
    Christ. ****is has such a hard on for Shrek on Talkshite tonight. He's not shit, he just can't play the way TT wants him too according to that
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