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  1. cheekybids


    18 Sep 2009
    He's like dick dastardly coming up with shit ideas.
  2. chesterguy


    16 Oct 2007
    Among chairman Greg Clarke’s proposals for Football Association reform is a nine-year limit for members of the FA board.

    This would be implemented retrospectively, meaning David Gill would leave with immediate effect. Now Gill hasn’t always been good for English football or English clubs — although he does have a way of seeing Manchester United right — but it is undeniable that his experience at FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League and Old Trafford can come in useful.

    How typical that one of the first casualties of Parliament’s meddling in football’s affairs is expertise. The number of MPs whose term now dates back more than nine years, by the way? 411.

    This piece was written by one of the leading journalists in the country and the irony is he does not understand the scandal that he should be reporting. Samuel understands that Gill has been helping United but that because he is in the job for a while he should carry on. Surely the scandal is that a leading journlist has confirmed that United are getting favourable treatment over other clubs

    We know that when FFP was first mooted that debt was going to be the focus but when it was understood that this would have a detiremntal affect on United without any discussion or outrage by the media these plans were dropped

    We have the conflict of interest of Gill being able to review the financial affairs of rivals to his club and being able to punish those clubs

    For Martin Samuel to acknowledge and suggest Gill is corrupt but that he should be kept on is an utter disgrace and is at the heart of the problem with football
  3. Gordyola


    8 Jul 2007
    Not necessarily done anything wrong apart from steering things so that the outcome favours the Rags. He was behind the change in the coefficient calculation change that adds point for past winners of ECL, this favours them as they are low on points for recent years meaning they are behind us but with the change it's puts them above us.
  4. dario2739


    6 Jan 2009
    Didn't realise that Greg Clarke - the current F.A. Chairman - was born in Leicester andwas previously Chairman of Leicester City... guess that answers the question of why the allegations of blood doping and PEDs being used at Leicester were swept under the carpet!
  5. dario2739


    6 Jan 2009
    We live in an age where huge corporations are paying people to give good reviews of their products and to slag off their rivals, where Russia is accused of directly affecting the outcome of an American Presidential election ffs, yet somebody accuses the FA of corruption and they're a conspiracy theorist... open your eyes fella... English football is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world - when that much money is involved, corruption is a certainty!
  6. never knew he was into scat, the dirty fecker!
  7. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
    Nowt will change Gill be around till he drops dead! like blatter couldnt get rid of the fcucker
  8. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    ramp rat
    behind you
    cant we make one of those spray things that killed kim dodas brother
  9. citizenyank76


    16 Feb 2010
    Has he made a deal to make sure the Rags automatically qualify for CL? No.... well it's coming.
  10. stony


    19 Jul 2005
    So he has done something wrong then. He's abused his position so his own club can get an advantage.

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