Monaco - Post Match thread.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by FantasyIreland, 15 Mar 2017.

  1. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    You're absolutely correct.
    The theory is that the fullbacks come inside to help out, or we look like we go 3 at the back and a centre half or full back pushes up. Sadly it hasn't worked on at least 8 occasions this season with the pivot player being outnumbered and bypassed - a good few times due to the shear pace of opposition players breaking against us. This later reason is why I think it won't work too well for Pep going forward regardless of the standard of player we have. Barca and Atletico exposed this against Bayern in the CL over the last two seasons and the pace of Monaco and various players in the Premier League have killed us this season. One of our AMs has to get back quickly to defend when we lose posession - a box-to-box role if you like - when Pep has done this (both Monaco 2nd halves) we have looked much more solid. We also need to be able to switch to a defend in depth mode and hit on the mix things up.
  2. Wreckless Alec

    Wreckless Alec

    27 Dec 2009
    Gone fishin'
    A very good post. Difficult to maintain patience but we have zero option. All we can do is back the club. I steeled myself to read the Times and Mail on Thursday morning but, if anything, I thought they were too kind. Or maybe we have a tendency to be too harsh.
  3. bobbyowenquiff


    15 Jan 2007
    Can't argue with any of this. We have all seen this coming. The team is still too old and were exposed by a brilliant younger side. I am optimistic we will get there. The competition in Europe is getting stronger. Next year we will have an improved PSG, Milan with Chinese money, Plus the usual suspects from Spain. We are playing at the top now and no one gets a free pass. For me we are still years away from a CL final...barring some freak results like when Chelsea won it.
  4. Rebelblue


    30 Dec 2011
    It may be addressed already but I'm struggling with this technicality from wed night.

    Kun played. I thought his yellow in the first leg ruled him out. Obviously not. Therefore when they showed the names at the start of the game he had no yellow next to his name while sterling and other did.

    What happened the yellow vs them at home? Did the cheats rescind it after the fact?
  5. Tevez City

    Tevez City

    9 May 2010
    The last time I felt this down with City was when Crouch scored the winning goal for Spurs to prevent us from finishing in the top 4.
  6. Chi-town blues

    Chi-town blues

    5 May 2012
    That and fa cup final.
  7. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    I'm the same. They were a disgrace on Wednesday. The manager included
  8. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    As was the lack of support from us the fans from the kick off.
  9. insideinfo


    31 Jan 2006
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    Dubai via Bury
    Monaco was an excellent away trip and hope we get them again in future years. Nice/Monaco - I've definitely been to worse away days.
    The problem is lay in the Summer of 2016. We failed to offload a large chunk of our squad so Pep has been forced to play what he has which simply isn't good enough to compete nor play the way he likes. We have the best manager in the world, the best infrastructure of any club in the world and I have no doubt that some of the youngsters in our squad and yet to come through will be the best we have had in many years. Keep the faith. Once Pep has his team and all players fit we can judge him then. I thought we would win everything in sight this year but how naive I was. Let's hope we secure 2nd and an FA cup win, wouldn't be so bad after all would it? Next year will be totally different I am convinced.
  10. stonerblue


    23 May 2004
    Still alive here....
    That is a great post by BSHR

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