New Brexit thread (with added poll)

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If the Brexit referendum was held now, how would you vote?

  1. Remain

    466 vote(s)
  2. Leave

    290 vote(s)
  3. Undecided

    19 vote(s)
  1. denislawsbackheel


    28 May 2008
    Without incident!
    She was a fucking shambles as Home Secretary!
  2. Len Rum

    Len Rum

    27 Nov 2012
    The name's Rum, Len Rum.
    The trouble is mate those 'loony leavers' are mainly in the Tory party and May is trying to get a deal not for the good of the country but to satisfy the loons in her party.
    PS The EU doesn't go bust without our cash.It's difficult for them but it's not life threatening.
  3. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Home secretaries who fail do not remain in post!
  4. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    No country is prepared to pay more! Germany isn't, The Netherlands Isn't. If a no deal Brexit happens then the EU has to cut it's budget. It is physically incapable of doing that.
  5. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Yep. That's just about it.
  6. vonkeynotvenky


    12 Mar 2017
    I didn't say it did do you think we shouldn't leave just because of the Irish border.? Not my problem.
  7. BobKowalski


    16 May 2007
    Your concern for your fellow citizens is heart warming.

    In other news we went from calls at lunchtime for the Chancellor to be sacked to calls for him to be 'tried for treason' this evening. Do you think we will have show trials? A sort of Brexit inquisition? 'Philip Hammond you are charged with unBrexit behaviour and sedition. How do you plead? Never mind. Guilty as charged!'

    Apparently Farage has been ranting on the radio about how the EU abolished hanging in this country. Probably have a referendum on that next. Just in time for Hammond's trial.

    Brexit Britain sounds such super fun.
  8. mcfc1632


    2 Jan 2009
    They really do need our money

    There are getting on for 4m of their citizens here vs 1m of ours spread across 27 countries

    They really really do not want to see the City of London being able to operate free of EU regulations

    They really benefit from close working on security

    They really really would not wish to see the UK free of key regulations e.g. state aid

    There are 5m jobs across the EU associated to trade with the UK

    The UK is a major destination for EU exports
  9. mcfc1632


    2 Jan 2009
    Are you confusing EU citizens travelling within the EU and migrants?
  10. mcfc1632


    2 Jan 2009
    Not quite like that

    The EU is looking for us to pay for the investment plans that they have for years after we have left

    It is more like - you are planning to buy a villa somewhere sunny and you can afford to plan for this because you have multiple incomes - then all of a sudden you lose you your 2nd best paying job.

    What would you do? - you cut your cloth, you may no longer be able to afford that villa

    Or you could just expect the company that has laid you off to accept that they have to keep paying you for a few years because you had your heart set on that villa

    The EU needs to cut its cloth to reflect the reduced size of the income it will receive

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