New Podcast: Sterling's late influence, Jim Whitley interview, Silva's... "hidden assets"

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  1. BlueMoonPodcast


    30 Oct 2009
    Blue Moon Podcast Season 9, Episode 17: Cucumber Cool

    This week:
    - Raheem Sterling's knack of getting late goals has earned City 7pts this season - we look at his improvement
    - We analyse how City can continue to keep playing and not panic, right up to the final whistle
    - Jim Whitley speaks to the show about his career after City - and how he ended up playing Sammy Davis Jr
    - We ask why no City players wore rainbow laces last weekend and discuss if it reflects badly on the club
    - We have a cheeky look at why David Silva took social media by storm after the win over Southampton

    Episode 9.17 - Cucumber Cool
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    We hope you like it - let us know what you think!
  2. IcriedwhenTueartleft


    2 May 2011
    grow up on the social media stuff....let me ask you this, would you dare to comment on the breast size of any of the girls in the City ladies team?....I thought not....
  3. r.soleofsalford


    28 Jan 2009
    rag central the blue part.

    You what
  4. NoJabbaNoBogRoll


    16 Dec 2007
    Not really the same thing due to the different ways the men and women's games have been treated historically. I don't recall the head of FIFA calling for men to wear more revealing shorts.

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