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  1. Andouble


    26 Mar 2007
    We owe Leicester a good hiding after last season. Huddersfield been good at home, too. We get 4 points out of 6 will be fine by me
  2. birchwoodgingerste


    7 Apr 2010
    sankey bridges warrington
    Danilo or fern at centre back
  3. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017
    Leicester and Huddersfield both look like banana skins to me, especially considering they are away.

    We must try and maintain that 8 point gap going into the derby and Spurs games. That cushion is vital.

    We better hope Vinny is fit and ready come that Leicester game because I have no confidence in Mangala in the style of football we are trying to play under Pep.

    We still don't know if Delph is OK yet too, he didn't look good when the whistle went today.
  4. pudge


    14 Jul 2008
    The poster formerly known as pudge
    I know it didn't help United at Huddersfield but I like when fixtures like Leicester away are 3pm kick offs.

    Not prime time, not on TV, to me there's always a different atmosphere around those games.
  5. Tricky_Trev


    17 Jan 2009
    Leicester away with Mangala is a scary prospect. But at least Otamendi has got his ban out of the way before the derby. Need to pray Fernandinho (and others) don't end up with their bans coinciding with December 9th.
  6. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Leicester - No Otamendi, previously have beaten us. Going through new manager bounce, and that new manager will have most of his squad for the next 2 weeks, unlike us.

    Huddersfield - Klopp-lite means very intense pressing, away at a poke stadium, they've got a good defence, classic David vs. Goliath - beat United. Champions League game just before.

    Southampton - Pellegrino is a great defensive manager, only conceding a goal a game, manager best friends with Mourinho = dirty bastards. Have a few players capable of scoring from nothing.

    West Ham - Will have a new manager by then, new manager bounce.

    United - Unbeaten at home since we beat them 2-1 last September. They'll know that anything other than a win kills their title hopes. Shakhtar game just before.

    It's a difficult 5. There's reasons to slip up in all of them, with Leicester, Southampton and United the obvious games which could drop points in.

    I think we'll win 5/5 though, and I think we'll follow it up with a win at Swansea to take the record. I just can't doubt this team after they've won 15/15, every time I doubt them they prove me wrong.
  7. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
    Next 3 league games in this period look like it could keep getting better for us, which is good in the run up to the derby:

    26th Nov - Huddersfield (A).
    29th Nov - Southampton (H).
    3rd Dec - West Ham (H).

    25th Nov - Brighton (H).
    28th Nov - Watford (A).
    2nd Dec - Arsenal (A).

    25th Nov - Liverpool (A).
    29th Nov - Swansea (H).
    2nd Dec - Newcastle (H).

    25th Nov - West Brom (H).
    28th Nov - Leicester (A).
    2nd Dec - Watford (A).

    25th Nov - Chelsea (H).
    29th Nov - Stoke (A).
    2nd Dec - Brighton (A).

    26th Nov - Burnley (A).
    29th Nov - Huddersfield (H).
    2nd Dec - United (H).

    We have to be wary of Huddersfield away but the rest of our 'challengers' have harder games.
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  8. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    Nowt like a dose of doom and gloom hope you feeling better today
  9. BerkshireBlue


    19 Jan 2015
    We've just come out of our hardest run in my opinion Chelsea away, Napoli away and home, Arsenal home, Leicester away winning them all in style. The next 5 league games look far easier and I'm expecting 5 wins again. The injury to Stones is a problem though
  10. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    well to completely jinx us, if you swap the promoted teams out for the corresponding relegated team from last season, then in the next 10 fixtures for each top 6 side, last season looked like this:

    1. Spurs P10 W9 D1 L0 GD: +23, Pts: 28/30.
    2. MCFC P10 W8 D2 L0 GD: +17, Pts: 26/30.
    3. Chelsea P10 W8 D1 L1 GD: +16, Pts: 25/30.
    4. Arsenal P10 W7 D0 L3 GD: +10 Pts: 21/30.
    5. Liverpool P10 W6 D1 L3 GD: +7, Pts: 19/30.
    6. Rags P10 W4 D3 L3 GD: +3, Pts: 15/30.

    So we had a really good run in these fixtures last season (played at different times obviously), but we'll have to have a really good run to keep in the same ballpark, but if we did then we would have 60 points out of an available 66, with GD +50 which would be simply incredible.

    Chelsea and Spurs under huge pressure there to replicate that form from last year, these are the games where Spurs went on an incredible run. Arsenal and Liverpool about par for their overall season, and most interestingly this is where United really struggled. They lost to Watford, us and Arsenal, and had draws at Everton and home to Bournemouth and Burnley. Clearly, especially in the last 3 they will pick up wins now, so they have a good opportunity to pick up points net against their rivals, but it'll be interesting to see how they cope with them over the festive period.

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