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  1. Thinking of getting one of these for me, wife and kids to play and would like to know if any of you folks have one?.

    Are they any good?
    Are the games good?
    Are there many games?
    Will I lose my temper with Mario games?

    All help and support will be helpful

    Many thanks.
  2. Tricky Dickys Right Foot Shot

    Tricky Dickys Right Foot Shot

    30 Nov 2008
    Are they any good? Yes

    Are the games good? Yes

    Are there many games? Not many triple A titles as of yet, but more will be released... there's a decent amount of indie games which are fun to play

    Will I lose my temper with Mario games? Not with Mario Odysee as that game is piss.... Mario Kart might be different depending on how good you are, and/or if you have driver assistant on.

    Majority of my games consist of indie games (such as Chef Battle Brigade and Steam World) and it's so much better for games like that.
  3. hoodeddoom


    12 Dec 2010
    I bought a PS4 and a switch, and whilst the PS4 gathers dust the switch is on everyday!

    Quality console and Mario odyesssy is brilliant for me as somebody who grew up loving Mario games. DOOM looks quality my mate has it, I’ve only got Mario and Mario kart but they’re keeping my well entertained. Tell a lie I’ve bought Skyrim but not played it yet.

    Word of warning I’ve already broken one of the controllers by letting it slip off couch so would get insurance for those. Also if you intend to use it on the go a lot buy one of the cases with a proper kick stand as the one on the console isn’t brilliant

    Hope that helps cheers
  4. Paul_Powers_Tash


    1 Jul 2013
    Buy a Switch and get Legend of Zelda. Best game ever made. Got it for my youngest for Christmas and it will be his turn soon.
  5. MacD


    22 Sep 2010
    Got my son one for Christmas and he loves it. Xbox been shelved since. Got him the 1-2 Switch game which is great fun for the family to play.
  6. Corky


    8 Dec 2005
    The buttons are too small, hurt my thumb playing mario cart.

    One bonus is you can change Yoshi to City colours.

    Preferred SNES version, even though it is probably shit now after a 23 year break.
  7. twosips


    29 Apr 2008
    I absolutely love it. Fantastic little console. Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Skyrim - hammered them all. Also gonna get Doom. Best thing about it is every game feels better given the portability. It never gets old
  8. citytill1die84


    31 Jul 2009
    "I Swear you'll never see anything like this ever
    Sold mine as soon as I finished Mario Oddysee which was brilliant by the way.

    Not for me I much prefer my PS4 and I thought the new Zelda got boring.
  9. I'm With Stupid

    I'm With Stupid

    6 May 2013
    Didn't Skyrim come out in 2010?

    ETA: 2011.
  10. @BluePhil8


    4 Jan 2009
    New direct just dropped an hour or so ago!

    Key for me:
    Dark Souls Remastered in May.
    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
    Mario Tennis
    Hyrule Warriors

    Mostly ports i know but Dark Souls portable!!!!!

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