North Korea vs USA

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  1. Tanzeylee


    25 Feb 2014

    Completely the wrong thread for this but do you really think we will stop selling stuff to all the eu countries but carry on buying stuff from them regardless of the single market
  2. super_city_si


    29 Dec 2007
    Yes I have a good laugh when I remember that time Obama was goading North Korea on twitter. Or was it MySpace back then?
  3. west didsblue

    west didsblue

    2 Oct 2011
    We don't need the media to point out anything about Trump. You only need to look at his Twitter feed or listen to him speak to know he's a fucking maniac.
  4. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    Oh right, so it's the platform that you're furious about rather than the actual content?
  5. super_city_si


    29 Dec 2007
    Bit if each. I thought it was inappropriate content for that platform.
  6. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    Me? I'm not that "despotic!" Making it all a little personal, aren't we?

    And, are you saying before or after the Empire? Do you want to discuss slavery, Africa, the Middle East or the Commonwealth penal colonies first? Maybe you prefer to discuss appeasement requiring American intervention?

    Nah, let's just be Brexit friends, now that Britain no longer has any in Europe!

    As for the entertainment value, I find none in comparing the death and destruction wrought on the globe by the high functioning "democracies" of the world. However, neither do I find the humour in forgetting one's own past in favor of the flavor du jour "baddies," either. There is probably enough shit to go around, but with one country creating plenty and another constantly trying to fix it or keep a lid on it, I'd quit while I'm behind.

  7. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    I don't believe you believe a word of what you just said. And, if you do, more's the pity!

    Last I checked, using such incendiary language on Twitter and in impromptu remarks to journo questions while you're at your own golf club is not the manner in which the last 5 or 6 Presidents have communicated their feelings about global thermonuclear war. Maybe someone needs to sithim down in front of his phalanx of TVs and put War Games on for him! Question is, will he understand the game of Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe)?!

    Just saw a collection of video clips where Trump said one thing off the cuff, then one of his Cabinet Members said theopposite in a press briefing within a few hours of his comments. It is like following a puppy around with a roll of paper towels and Lysol!!

    While US Presidential policy will always be, as defined in his Presidential Oath of Office, to defend the United States, the manner, tone and language of the communication of that ideal has been, in the politest terms I can muster, "unique."

    How about a nice game of chess?
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  8. better dead than red

    better dead than red

    18 Aug 2012
    The Commonwealth
    I'm not disagreeing with much of what you've said on this topic. In fact, I've mentioned the "Empire" myself.

    People often look to America as the sources of all evils, such as slavery. They neglect to remember Britain only outlawed slavery in 1807. Yes it was before America. But America was barely 30 years old at the time and younger if you account for the fact that they were still fighting for their Independence at the time. America has done things wrong. But they have done things right as well. As far as nations go America is still like a teenager compared to many countries in Europe. Big, strong and in a grown ups body but doesn't know everything just yet. This is where maybe we agree?

    As far as the language and the stance being taken against the Norks, I was young when Reagan was president. People said he was a mad man and would end the world as we know it because of his stance against the U.S.S.R. It kind of worked out...
  9. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    America has plenty of warts, but to point to it as some kind of unique country that has caused, or is causing, all the world's problems IS the problem!

    As for slavery, wonder where all those boats full of Africans came from?

    Too bad Gorbachev is not in charge of NK, and Perestroika is not the theme of the day! Oh, and Trump is no Reagan, either!
  10. Vic


    11 Jan 2009
    If Trump is a climate change denier and mistrusts the fake media, is it possible he doesn't believe nuclear weapons do a lot of damage?

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