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  1. silvaisgoldno1


    9 Jul 2012
    Same here don't bother!!
  2. Details are slightly hazy in the memory, but I thought Mike Barnett lost the City mag gig years ago. IIRC, he was critical of one or two of the players in a piece he did for the MEN about one of the Old Trafford derbies; the players were upset about it and agreed to boycott his interviews, making his position with the mag more or less untenable.

    David Clayton has been the editor for ages, and still is as far as I'm aware. Barnett was a freelance, but Clayton at some point became employed by the club, I think, and he writes for the website as well. There's a whole team of them who provide content for the website and other club publications, and I noticed recently on Chris Bailey's Twitter profile that he's now billed as Head of Content.

    There was talk that they were going to make an important appointment of a Head of Media this summer, who would be part of the executive team (i.e. the level of Marwood, Glick when he arrives, Wallace, Kloss et al). Presumably if such a person arrives, this will be Bailey's line manager.

    Media is certainly a very, very important part of how the current ownership is seeking to drive the club forward. No doubt consolidating the club's printed publications into one is a part of the strategy. There's definitely logic to that approach, but there's no point in ditching the baby with the bathwater and getting rid of one of the best parts of the existing set up.

    They'll presumably continue to run articles on history, interviews with former players and celebrity fans, and so on. It would be very disappointing if they do decide to dispense with the person who's been delivering that successfully over the last few years to bring it in house. There's no one there, not Bailey or Clayton or the others, who has your qualifications to write on the historical side, so one would hope that they'd recognise that and use you where appropriate. And you deserve better than to have to listen to rumours about proposed changes. See if you can have a chat with Chris Bailey when he gets back from Austria.
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    Thanks for the comments. I'm not employed by the club in any form at the moment so I guess that does play a part. We'll see what happens.

    For anyone who wants to know what any of my old articles were like... I posted a few in an album on my facebook earlier in the year: <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 815&type=3</a>
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    20 Jun 2011
    Should it come as any surprise people wont buy crap content?
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    Given that you were the only decent writer they had, is it even going to be worth buying the things anymore?

    I've gone in to detail on this in the next KK, without knowing that ManC's days were numbered, but I have to say that it's the biggest pile of crap that's been on the football magazine shelves I can ever remember. Lazy, lame, pathetic and just a re-hash of old articles. Thrown together in ten minutes whilst the editor's Mrs is having a shower between putting their kids to bed and their night time cup of Horlicks.

    Stand by for the programme containing 56 pages on cookery lessons, film reviews, play station reviews and pictures from the Stone Roses gigs, with five pages about City - all of which contain twenty factual errors.
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    baildon blue

    22 Apr 2012
    Yes i used to buy the mag but that was when i didnt used to go to games.
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    19 Apr 2009
    Where is my fuckin refund?
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    29 Aug 2008
    I'm a bit gutted. Since emigrating 11 years ago first my mum (since passed) and now my dad has been sending it to me. The recent version has been very very poor, but end of an era for me.
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    14 Apr 2009
    MANC magazine was truly awful, why the fuck put video game reviews, recipes and adverts for crazy high priced cloths in a city magazine.
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    22 Aug 2008
    Think this is a good call but the club merging the two. Hopefully the match day programmes cuts out the load of the bollocks. Hopefully Gary still features in there.

    Easier distribution and hopefully a better match day programme.

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