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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Pagie Jnr, 1 Jul 2012.

  1. kippaxkid74


    5 Jun 2009
    Well, it seems the parts of the city mag that they merged into the prog were the crap ones.... i mean, in a match day prigramme hands up if you want to see a large 2 page photo of a dead animal (oooh eat like a player!), 4 pages of a player wearing clothes it'd take most of us a months to be able to pay for (ooooh fashion!), and a few pages of reviews of books dvds and music that isn't even city related! Yep, that's a modern match day programme.
    And they dropped Gary James history articles and other football related stuff, for this?????
    And don't say "don't buy it then" ;)
  2. stehorts


    19 Feb 2007
    Recipes and fashion shoots in todays programme! FFS!

    It tells you how to make mash potato in the programme.
    I'll repeat that.
    It tells you how to make mash potatoes in the programme.
    Apparantly you have to boil them for 20 minutes.
    However , you MUST check if soft before mashing.
    Cheers for that city, I'll let the missus know.

    I also liked the tip of serving lamb with mint sauce - does anyone think it'll catch on?

    Just what we all want in the matchday programme.

    That will be my last programme after buying at virtually every home game since '85. Complete joke and embarrassment imo

    PS did anyone else find the tip to "drain bones and vegetables" a bit disturbing.
  3. quiet_riot


    2 Jun 2006
    IT Nerd
    Block 220
    On the positive side, it's still 'only' £3
  4. kippaxkid74


    5 Jun 2009
    Yeah they've took the worst bits out of the mag - the bits everyone agreed were what made it such a bad magazine, and then put them in the programme instead! Ridiculous!
  5. SJT


    20 Jun 2011
    I thought it was good tbf, better than before, fresh.
    a mix of news and feats with a new look.

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