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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by JoeMercer'sWay, 14 May 2012.

  1. well you're nowhere near play-offs on last season's form, and I watched you v Wednesday and there was just a lack of quality. Though to be fair if Sheff Utd go up and Huddersfield sell Rhodes, I think League 1 will be quite a bit weaker next year so there'll be more opportunity than there was this year when the top of the table was essentially a closed shop with the big guns just a lot stronger than the rest.

    Losing your best players isn't going to help though.
  2. Latics Fan SJK

    Latics Fan SJK

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    I agree about this season. Prior to 3 season ago, we were regularly in or around playoffs. Even top spot the odd season. But same old Oldham would throw the good form out of the window once we get to February and as we do every year, we plummet.

    Since the Failsworth fuck up, which was totally down to the council, a potential move or even development of BP has been put on the backburner once again and despite being promised funds here, there and everywhere, it just never materialises and some days we just wonder if it ever will.

    You're right about the quality though, Kuqi is shit. Certainly since December he was and it seems our players are getting as frustrated as our fans and want to jump ship and who can blame them.

    We certainly wont be challenging the playoffs for a good couple of years yet anyway.

    Oh, and as for Hudds, without Rhodes they would be 8th at best. Hope Sheff Utd dick 'em at weekend.

    Anyway, we're going off topic here, so i'll leave it! Sorry.
  3. mcfc-callum


    26 Dec 2011
    Owen Hargreaves, Gai Ausslin, Ahmed Benali & Sean Tse have been released
  4. ta, updated.
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    You would think this will put a stop to the "What is happening with Assulin?" threads... But you would be wrong.
  6. Updated 23/05/12, Interesting rumours about Barnetta maybe going to Newcastle w/Amalfitano set to sign in the next few days with them.
  7. Paulmcfc2703


    5 Aug 2008
    The exodus of Villarreal has begun. Diego Lopez has signed for Sevilla
  8. EaglesFan


    17 Feb 2011
    Danijel Pranjic, FC Bayern -> Released
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    carlos tevez is a blue

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  10. swift change ;), yeah I noticed but prefer to put players up once they've found a new club, nonetheless I'll stick it up.<br /><br />-- Wed May 23, 2012 3:29 pm --<br /><br />
    yh they had it up as "set to sign" this morning so I left it out, cheers.

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