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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by gkmcfc, 22 Aug 2017.

  1. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    Don't know, but they weren't there at 20 to five.
    Finished a lot earler in them days
  2. Abattoir Blue

    Abattoir Blue

    20 Sep 2006
    Scratching the non-payers cars & spending their ill gotten gains - a 20p mix, 10 packs of panini stickers and a gram of whizz.
  3. trevorriley


    17 Jan 2012

    Hookers & coke
  4. 183sash


    7 Jul 2008
    Didn’t realise the Everton attendance had been corrected until seeing tonight’s programme, I do agree about the sky blue seats being glaringly obvious when they’re empty , did post in the past how when building the increased stand we should use maybe a mix of 3 different colour seats jumbled together like one of the Portuguese sides do - this gives the impression of filled seats
  5. Harry Dowd up top

    Harry Dowd up top

    4 Apr 2009
    Agree with 183sash ...if we took the International break to 'Logo the seats ' with huge M.C.F.C. or Manchester City /Cityzens in three-dimensional format with White & Black outlines . .just like other teams have, the empty all Blue seats would not be so evident. Simple.
  6. Shirley


    14 Aug 2011

    With the football we're playing the club should be filling seats with fans, not painting them. Perhaps they need to look at the pricing.
  7. The blue phantom

    The blue phantom

    26 Aug 2015
    So you think the club should change maybe several hundread seats or thoudands to a different colour, all because it will look better on t.v?

    Tbh I don't think its been bad this season. We keep winning and those seats will no longer be empty.
  8. Groke


    1 Sep 2009
    Any city fan having a go at our attendences is a bit deluded or has succumbed to the raggy myth. Yes, there are empty seats on certain match days, but this is in the main down to ST no shows - try buying 2 seats together in the week before a PL game, nigh on impossible. City traditionally have a more local, less affluent fan base than any of the better PL clubs, so to get 50k + every home game ( 3 games in 7 days this week) is fuckin amazing in my book. This despite all the negative press we have received over the last few years , instigated and propagated by the red placcy clubs trying to protect their market share.
  9. 48,500 there last night
  10. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    A lot of season card holders do not go to Champions League games, or midweek cup games. City always have had a large hard -core loyal support, but do not yet have the background of support that will fill in when the regulars don't go. It's easy to go to a midweek game if you're within an hour of manchester.

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