Our left hand side.

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  1. Didsbury Dave

    Didsbury Dave

    1 Feb 2007
    Sane also expressed a preference for the right when he joined. I think wingers always say they like to play inverted because they get the odd spectacular goal. I’m glad Pep doesn’t stick with it because we play packed defences, and we have to get round them and pull it back.

    I’m still haunted by that time we tried SWP on the left and Petrov on the right for a couple of games. Bloody hell.
  2. Taylor


    3 Dec 2008
    I said this at weekend, I think pep doesn’t want Bernardo and Zinchenko on the same side as neither are particularly quick.

    On the left he plays Sterling for his speed

    On the right walker is obviously quick so allows a slower winger to play without too many issues.

    This is obviously just what I think is happening

    I’m no expert
  3. quiet_riot


    2 Jun 2006
    IT Nerd
    Block 220
    Petrov on the right led to *that* superman volley.
  4. Abattoir Blue

    Abattoir Blue

    20 Sep 2006
    Good shout. And David White used to cut in from the left and fire into the near post sometimes.

    But I think it's best used as a tactic part way through a game if things are getting predictable or to test a weak full back. Prefer right on right and left on left most of the time.
  5. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    It must be this, Bernardo seems utterly wasted there on the right and Sterling isn’t quite the same on the left.

    Pep doesn’t even swap them for a bit during the game like he does with Sane and Sterling.

    It must be the fact Zinchenko and Bernardo would be too slow together.

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