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  1. pirate


    24 Nov 2010
    sort of but this is about all the newspapers, not just the fail, I thought it deserved its own thread, if you dont agree, dont post and it will die
  2. Wreckless Alec

    Wreckless Alec

    27 Dec 2009
    Gone fishin'
    No. Propoganda may succeed but unopposed propaganda certainly will.

    It's true that we're fighting against a tsunami of lies and bullshit but it's absolutely our duty to put up some resistance. If that means posting in the comments section or simply ridiculing them at work, then it has to be done as far as i'm concerned and it gladdens my heart to see posters like PB taking these people to task.

    It's more important that people stop getting upset about it or, worse, becoming "Uncle Malcolms" and actually agreeing with it in an attempt to come across as reasonable.
  3. moomba


    26 Jan 2006
    Shouldn't have to. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a group of supporters that sustained a club for decades, and puts tens of millions into the sport on a regular basis seems to get a slagging off every second day. You don't mind it from twatter and the like but the newspapers, TV and radio can fuck right off. The bulk of it is nothing more than an open invitation to fans of other clubs to take the piss. And for me that shouldn't be ignored.
  4. Bill


    22 May 2004
    old fuddy duddy who can't work this shit yet.
    winding down in life.
    I think its fabulous. they are seeking approval and clicks from the very people who if they hadn't existed would have made our owners look elsewhere.

    thank you united, thank you red scouse and most of all thank you the media, you have since 2008 jettisoned us in global awareness.

  5. The slaughtered lamb

    The slaughtered lamb

    6 May 2014
    100% this.
  6. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Been said a million times before on here. Ban them 1 by 1. We don't have to give them a seat at the Etihad.

    As a club we don't need the Daily Fail.

    Last night there were 9 articles about United and Rashford in the Daily Fail. Another magical European night, etc.

    We're in the FA Cup semi-final and all the Daily Fail report on was unsold tickets, and a made up bullshit story about Pep not being happy with the atmosphere at the Etihad.

    As many have already stated, FA Cup semi-final weekend and derby week, and the Rag tops bang on cue are starting their bullshit stories about the cub and the fans again. Time after time, season after season.....

    The f***ers know exactly what they are doing, while pampering to their darling Rags.(and Arsenal)
  7. willipp


    13 May 2011

    I wonder of they will sweep this under the carpet as well the disrespectful pricks. Deleted fairly quickly so cannot claim they didn't realise it would cause offense. They really are turning into a scumbag media outlet in line with the SUN.
  8. Trevor Morley's Tache

    Trevor Morley's Tache

    23 Nov 2016
    Doing stuff
    As far as they are concerned it has been swept under the carpet. The BBC will have an official version of what was said, what was intended, and what they intend to do to prevent this sort of thing happening again that they will continue to trawl out until the complaint eventually goes away.

    I think the BBC seem to have forgotten that they are a Public Service Broadcaster, and as such should uphold the highest standards of decency, fairness and honesty. If they are being marked against those standards it would be a big fat fail on all three fronts
  9. Tarzan41


    4 Jul 2010
    Utterly disgraceful. I seriously question the sanity of the people working there.
  10. salfordpaul


    22 Mar 2009
    i really should be somewhere else
    Looking at the BBC on social media it really is cringey, like your uncle pissed and starting dancing at a family wedding.
    They re trying the old matey matey, footy banter stuff that sky started years ago. It really is embarrassing shit

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